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  1. 22100-H7680 B-210 A14 '78 Federal, D4F7-01 remote igniter distributor.
  2. thanks. B210 EI D4F. I know the gap requirements but was maybe being too ginger with the pickup coil after loosening the screws, as it wasn't moving. http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=D4F
  3. what screw to adjust the air gap on D4F distributor? it's currently larger than .40.
  4. ...thanks. as in bypass the coil for both positive and negative wires?
  5. I believe it's grounded. I've attached it to the body with metal screws (it has a metal plate on back and metal insulated screw holes) along with a wire from the plate/screw to the ground bolt (where the black battery cable goes). tried with W/G both ways. something wrong obviously...with GM module touching body/grounded, getting .9v measuring negative coil to positive battery. 11.5v positive coil to neg battery. quick side question. difficult to tell from the 78 and 77 wiring diagram PDFs, but the BW & BR going to positive coil. what about the blue wire? I'd attach images but
  6. yes. the 78 a14 model non-cali distributor, which I have a 78 b210 that uses this as well. I have used my 78's coil, as well as the new coil on the 78, and both work on the 78. are you saying I should reverse the W and G? I have it wired as seen on the diagram you provided and have both bypassed and tried it through the ballast resistor. with this not working, is there any possibility the regulator is preventing it? the 78 doesn't have a regulator but think it's internal to the alternator, the 77 has external regulator and I have left it as is. one of my issues is I don't have a great understa
  7. EI distributor is H7680. the original points distributor is H7206
  8. b210 points distributor tried converting 77 B210 points to EI with D4K distributor, corresponding coil, and GM HEI electronic Ignition module, and wired according to this http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=GM_HEI, bypassing the Ballast resister. no spark. 11.5v from coil then 9v with key on. if the GM module is mounted with metal plate against car, I lose all power like there's a ground issue, but don't know how/where. I tried going through ballast. nothing. something else I'm missing? and yes the D4K distributor and coil work because I have a different 78 B210
  9. Thanks a ton, really helpful. Led me to this. This says it all I think http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=B-210_Electronic_Distributor_Swap And I was able to find the GM part easy, also linked from this. If things don't work out your CA matchbox should work.
  10. Ok. I think my no spark from the new EI distributor is because the new distributor I purchased for my 77 b210 is the EI distributor that needs the ignition transistor box setup (see image). I have a 78 b210 with this same EI setup with the transistor box. I can't find an ignition transistor box separately so far, and I'm not finding many matchbox distributors. Questions are...1. Will a 79 310 matchbox distributor fit the b210 (all I can find so far)? 2. Would just the matchbox box itself work with my EI distributor in place of the ignition transistor box? This image is what I have, but m
  11. Thanks. I'd asked if the pertronix would work based on the rec to get an EI 12v coil instead of my stock points coil, and I hadn't yet purchased one so was curious of the flame thrower. The reason for no power has made no sense to me, thus the reason for this post. Getting 10 at black/white ballast resistor. I had replaced the points distributor with EI distributor, but hadn't replaced the original coil and no wiring configuration had given me power. As originally said I wired according to the ballast configuration and tried other stuff.
  12. Seems like the EI lower ohm and skipping ballast is way to go.
  13. Thanks. I don't have a new coil yet. Still the points coil and I was wiring to the ballast and coil and getting no power, thus your initial response. Thanks again
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