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Battery power drawn when 620 ignition is off


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Maybe this has already been discussed, but I am experiencing a dying brand new battery. I've unplugged the Saturn alternator and voltage regulator from their respective locations, and I still see the battery draining. What else could be drawing power after keyed off?



I did solder in a 12V relay for the automatic choke, which I haven't unplugged, could this be an area to test also?


Thank you for any assistance provided.

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Yup the reason for an internally regulated alternator (besides more power) is to get rid of the problematic external regulator. 


You did join the White and Yellow wires  and the White/Red and White/Black pairs of wires?


Unplug and remove the automatic choke relay and find the Red and Blue wires going to the carb. The connectors unplug jst under the front left of the air filter. The Red wire is the idle cut solenoid. Unplug the Blue choke wire and connect the carb blue wire end into the Red idle cut wire. Your choke and idle cut are now powered by the idle cut supply and good to go.

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It might be disconnected but the relay still on. Unplug the relay to be sure.


With the relay gone you need a new power source for the choke that is turned off and on with the ignition. Connect to the Red idle cut solenoid or the the ignition side of the ballast resistor. done.

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The draw is coming from the power wire on the alternator, by based on the wiring diagram from the Saturn alternator write up, it looks like the power wire is jumped with the signal wire.


Maybe connect the signal wire to the ignition switch so that it is off with the key.

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