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  1. Yeah my grounds are good to go, however when I bought the truck I fried two throttle cables before running multiple ground straps from block to frame and block to body. Thanks again for the assistance! Probably should think thoroughly before posting
  2. I got it, I'm retarded. Stupid me. Speedo cable wasn't hooked up. Thanks for the replies!
  3. Hey, So I took my dash out to sort out some electrical issues, and when I put everything back, and turned the key to on, the turn signals both lit up and so did some of the dash lights. Any idea what may be going on? I'm thinking maybe a flasher might be bad? In a Datsun 620. I checked all fuses and they are all good
  4. Could a blown fuse on the battery alternator circuit on the fuse box cause a constant power draw from the alternator and battery?
  5. The draw is coming from the power wire on the alternator, by based on the wiring diagram from the Saturn alternator write up, it looks like the power wire is jumped with the signal wire.
  6. Thanks datzenmike! banzai510 there is no power at the choke wire when the car is off. I'll take a look at it tomorrow and test for the draw.
  7. I'll take a look and see if I see the idle cut solenoid in a few.
  8. Sorry didn't mean voltage regulator as in it's being used, just kept it in there to look stock.
  9. Maybe this has already been discussed, but I am experiencing a dying brand new battery. I've unplugged the Saturn alternator and voltage regulator from their respective locations, and I still see the battery draining. What else could be drawing power after keyed off? Note: I did solder in a 12V relay for the automatic choke, which I haven't unplugged, could this be an area to test also? Thank you for any assistance provided.
  10. I appreciate the replies from both of you. I can see how impractical these may be, just got them from a buddy a while back not thinking twice beforehand.
  11. Does anyone know the best position on the fenders these should be mounted? Has anyone ever put these on their 620 before?
  12. Anyone know the best position on the fender to mount these?
  13. Thank you! I appreciate it, apologies for the wrong category.
  14. Is there anyone willing to let go of a used driver side datsun 620 fender? Mine was so rusted it was split down the mounting bracket by the door, beyond repair. I'm willing to pay shipping as well.
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