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1985 LED headlights?


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There are two ways to go LED.


H4 type housing with an LED bulb. Or leds in the square housing as one unit.


One unit is cheaper. You can find them for dirt on eBay sometimes.

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I recently bought an 85 720 King Cab and did a google search for headlight replacements which brought up tons of HID, LED and stock replacements. I was thinking about going with LEDS but don't want to order the wrong ones. Has anyone switched to LEDS? Thanks for any info.



I`m going with these. Some think they are ugly but I guess I like ugly lol. Oh and sorry they are not a cheap option. 



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Since LEDs are only leading current in one direction, and the 720 is feeding the bulbs from the connection used as ground on most other vehicles, and switches ground between the high beam and low beam connectors. More common is to wire the headlamps the other way, switch the feeding between high beam and low beam connectors and use the last one as ground. A bulb doesn't care which way it is fed, a LED though must be fed the right way. But maybe they do work anyway?

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