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Datsuns Around Bend 2017


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Datsuns Around Bend 2017 August 25th-27th Bend Oregon Contact 510bendor@gmail.com 



Come join us for Datsuns Around Bend in the beautiful foothills of the Cascades under Mt Bachelor

This is a 3 day camping and driving excursion full of Datsun fun

Saturday August 26th will be the show from 11-2 for those of you making a day trip

There will be Fun Runs, Hiking trips and Exploration of the local region

Potluck on Saturday evening for those of you sticking around

price is $50 per carload for the weekend and includes camping and potluck

$10 for day of the show only


Location: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Virginia+Meissner+Sno-Park/@43.9848561,-121.5288574,848m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x54b8ba85b793f327:0x153d58085a53e2e!8m2!3d43.9848561!4d-121.5266687?hl=en




This years location will include camping and will be the same location for the Show

It is held in an open lot with full sun most of the day so plan accordingly

Camping will be in the adjacent wooded areas with NO FIRES! I REPEAT NO FIRES PERIOD

IF we get to have any fire there will be one designated area and that is it and it will stay to a minimum

Saturday Evening Potluck! Desert Datsuns will be providing a grill that will be running a majority of the time and will be cooking Hamburgers Hot Dogs Sausages and maybe even some other proteins like chicken or what not feel free to bring side dishes of all kinds we expect 40-60 people if not more IF you are reading this and like to plan in advance there will be an email thread at http://510bendor@gmail.com 

Please RSVP here there or anywhere on social media or email @510bendor IT REALLY HELPS MAKE PLANING A SUCCESSFUL EVENT BETTER FOR EVERYONE! 

You may pay in advance as well $50 per carload to 510bendor@paypal via frends and family as well this will help buy supplies for said event ahead of schedule vs last minute... but hey we,re good at last minute right...#becausedatsun

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I got a hell of a noise going on in rear and engine is burning a shit ton of oil so no sure if me or FAT510 will make it . 

  I would usually just drive it till it breaks like a bug fogger and call the wife to scoop us up,,,  but my tow truck is in worse condition than the car is right now. :rofl: :rofl:

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Draker is right...sorry my computer time has been limited recently... @KoheartsGPA even if you don't Facebook you should still be able to see it, I will try and update asap or just contact me directly at 510bendor@gmail.com

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My plan is to drive over 58 Thursday after work. Thursday night hike into Green Lakes. Friday summit Broken Top. Not sure if I'll be staying out in the Wilderness Friday night or heading to the meet but if I stay I'll see y'all Saturday morning for the meet. Saturday night chill with the group. Thinking about summiting South Sister Sunday but we'll how ambitious I'll be by then. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome but NO bitching allowed.

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