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Titan wheels 18" + Longer Wheel Studs ????!!???


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Hey, and yes before you guys blast me I have searched.

Trying to put my titan wheels in my 620/ 18" Titans with 225-45-18 tires

The rears fit awesome. The front I need longer wheel studs. Please give a good part number for the right studs

- been searching all day, back and forth to parts store twice, and still nothing.

- please help guys..

Also putting on my 3" blocks today, got a set of ubolts from the parts store, are the normal length good or do I need the super long ones ??

* longer wheel studs

* u bolt length for 3-4" blocks with angled shims 2 degree

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- I already have 1/4" spacers on the rear. The fronts fit fine without the spacer just need the longer studs and u bolt size.

I do not wish to run the ARP studs. Would rather a dorman stud so I can finsh this tomorrow and not need new lug nuts(ARP studs require)

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The trick is making sure the shoulder of the stud that press fits into the hub or axle is the correct diameter.  Any local auto parts store should have a Dorman catalog with diagrams of dimensions so you can find what you need, as long as they can ID the factory studs.  You just need a good parts guy or you need to be a bulldog to figure it out.  Around here Napa is the only parts store that still has catalogs, unless you can find one online?

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Sadly, if I were to ask my local Napa a question about wheel studs, they'd run down the list of things to ask, including "does it have air conditioning?"

Though most auto parts stores can't even find 620 in their system because 1. They don't know what a Datsun is if "Datsun" specifically is not listed, and 2 they can only find hte 610 until I tell them that the 620 is a truck. 

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Fwiw, every oreilly still has a set of catalogs. They will have a dorman wheel hardware catalog there. Wheel studs are organized first by thread pitch, then by shoulder diameter, then i think by overall length. With an original lug (bring your own) and a micrometer its not difficult, though they may have to special order the part number you decide you need. Or take number and order online.

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Yeah most parts store employees are dumb and or lazy. Not talking shit just saying. You would figure if you worked at a parts store you would have some passion for cars. Most them guys won't even help u find the right part in the computer and know shit about shit. I found The studs. 45.5mm long I think. Dormant.600-403 I beleive

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Still put my titan wheels on because I couldn't wait to see the look. Front are on by on 2 threads, glad the truck in not being driven. Its weird that the rear even with spacers has so much thread left on the studs

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