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  1. Platten and table done. Tested and works, but gonna have to figure out something for the drive pulley as it is pretty easy with a bit of pressure to just get the drive belt slipping. In other news I've admitted to myself that the time cost involved with fixing the cowl is more than the monetary cost of just buying a replacement. So, while I wait for that to show I'm off on another side quest for dryer air. Gotta get replacements for one wrong fitting and one cracked fitting and then it'll be ready for final assembly.
  2. Short night tonight, got started on the table and platten. Base of the table is a rest from an old busted bench grinder and it is bolted through the two panels and helps keep it in situ.
  3. Belt sander, now with 100% more belt. Tensioner is super simple and I definitely didn't weld the upper angle to the wrong side at first. Tracking adjustment took a little more figuring. Still gonna need a table, a platten, and some way of actually securing the rotaty bit, not to mention getting the electrical to something nicer/safer than the bench test setup I've been using. I did give it a little test spin and it actually worked.
  4. Motor mount and tensioner setup are in. Gonna have to figure out something for the drive pulley in my test the belt was just slipping. I was hoping since the washing machine's pulley was smooth this would work, but not so. I tried this piece of rubber with a couple laps of elecchickens tape, and it worked for a moment before ripping the tape off.
  5. Got some more done on the belt sander. One of my objectives with this sander is to be able to be able to switch between vertical and horizontal.
  6. A little less doom and gloom about the cowl today. Researched some shrinking techniques and tried it out a bit and have the cowl mostly fitting again. It does mean that there will be a lot more body work than I was hoping for, but should be salvageable. Otherwise spent the rest of the night giving the dremel a hot supper boring this large nut out to accept this bearing for the drive pulley for the sander.
  7. So, I patted myself on the back a bit early, turns out due to some mistakes the upper cowl is pretty fucked. While I contemplate my life choices I opted to turn my attention to another project I've been thinking about for a while. I've been wanting a belt sander for a while and since I keep not buying the reasonably priced used belt/disc sanders when they pop up locally I decided to see if I can come up with a decent solution out of some salvaged parts and scrap.
  8. Most of the way there. Little more grinding left, then welding in some low spots, then more grinding and then I should be ready for hammer work.
  9. Tonight I practiced patience and restraint. Three and a half hours later. This being the most visible and easily warped so I actually took my time and even employed air where I got things a bit too hot.
  10. Looking forward to being done with cowl work.
  11. There be flanges around the the whole perimeter of the upper cowl. Still gonna be a good bit of work to finish them out, but they're there.
  12. More stuff getting done, and I'm really getting some mileage out of the dual vice setup.
  13. I have now. Complete With turbo manifolds.
  14. Apparently someone has been playing around with some Ducati engine bits to come up with the 868 V8.
  15. I've opted to start on the side flanges before doing anymore with that large front one. This largely due to it being considerably easier to pop a fender on to check for fit than the hood. First side started. I didn't really feel like pulling the bead roller out of the big vice, and don't really have a good spot to permanently mount the old small vice, so I got a bit creative. Added bonus that I didn't have to keep walking back and forth to the bench to grind a little more off.
  16. Moving along, first of the new flanges is underway. The cowl definitely didn't warp at all when welding the upper flange back on. With the corner pressed down to where it should be you'll see I didn't totally fubar the new flange height.
  17. Really starting to wish I had taken an extra couple of days to paint the front turn signal housings and mount while I had the forks out, last real chrome left. Back to the mustang. Started on correcting the mistake of cutting the upper flange.
  18. I've gotten the bike out for a couple quick test rides. Runs pretty well, but definitely gonna need to do a proper sync on the carbs. New exhaust is louder than expected with both baffles, it has a deeper tone and kinda sounds like like a scooby. Neighbor was pressure washing when I got bad so no terrible cell phone audio of the new pipes. Plugs look just about right compared to the lean look of last season's. Pics for no real reason.
  19. Back on the ground and together. Just need to put oil in it, hook the fuel lines up and bleed the front brake and probably remove one of the baffles from the muffler. Rear fender is chopped to be flush with the bottom of the plate. Weather looks pretty meh for the next few days so likely wont get to ride until next week, but looking forward seeing how it runs and sounds.
  20. Fenders shopped and painted. Hopefully they'll be dried enough to bolt back on without scratching them to hell. Almost back together, got a few things to finish up once it's back on the ground.
  21. Got a few days until the replacement fork c clip shows up so taking a little extra time cleaning stuff up. Instead of just replacing the seal on the caliper I gave it a proper clean and paint. Getting started on my bike rice with a mini chop and and dechroming of the front fender. Rear will be getting the same treatment and both will finished in satin black.
  22. Fuck this c clip and seal in particular. Two hours plus or minus a bit for looking for tools, and forks are ready for new oil.
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