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  1. Finally where I wanted to be last week. This is how far I got before running out of both wire and gas. Should be able to wrap it up early next week.
  2. Nearly there. I must say this pan doesn't fit quite as well as the driver's side did, nothing a bit of persuasion can't fix just got complacent with the ease of the other.
  3. Still have a little trimming to do to get the final fit done, but one step closer.
  4. Took a week off because cold and RE2 remake, but back at it. Got everything pretty well cleaned back to bare metal. Tomorrow I should be able to get the inner rocker cut down and get the final cut done on the old floor pan. Hoping to start getting it welded in by the weekend.
  5. OK, I'm going to rescind my previous about the weld thru primer. I had a couple small flanges to weld in tonight and I prepped them in the same manor as before. Using the now known good ground spot and they welded in just fine. At worst this primer makes it more susceptible to poor grounding, but as long as you remember welding 101 and maintain a solid ground it is fine. In other news I got the rough cut done on the passenger side.
  6. I'm using Seymour PBE. After playing around with the ground a bit it did get better, but by then I had brushed back most of the edges. Otherwise no new pictures, but the floor pan and inner rocker are all stitched in. I've got a couple of pin holes to go back and fill in and then I can move on to the passenger side.
  7. Got some stitching to finish, but otherwise it's in.
  8. The first of what will likely be a few nights of welding is in the bag. Not super stoked on the weld thru primer I'm using this time around. Having a bitch of a time getting a consistent arc. So I've started brushing it off as I go around and being sad I bought 2 cans.
  9. After dropping the new seat riser in to verify the fit I pulled everything back out, gave it a good cleaning and got to painting. Put actual paint on the insides of things that are about to be unreachable and weld thru primer on the weld surfaces and heat affected areas.
  10. In for the final test feel before pulling the bits back out for paint and weld thru primer.
  11. Spent another night getting cozy with the grinder with wire wheels and paint and rust remover pads. I'm most of the way through cleaning up the underside.
  12. Got the rest of the spot weld holes drilled in the inner rocker, and then got busy drilling holes in the pan. Followed that up with a lot of grinding and got to work cleaning 50 years of dirt and grime out of the trans tunnel.
  13. Getting closer to being able to weld things in. Inner rocker is cut down and 3/4 of the holes drilled for plug welding. And got the outer flange cut off of the floor pan and set it back in to mark the location of the frame rail.
  14. When you need to clean out the frame rails but don't have a brush that can reach.
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