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  1. Guess it's high time I quit procrastinating. Started by making a giant mess cleaning up 30+ years of dirt. Here is where I decided that a new tail light panel is too cheap to bother fixing this one.
  2. Maintainification nearly complete, just need to get the kick down attached and maybe I'll actually hook a vacuum gauge up to it and properly tune it. While I was at it I also replaced hoses and thermostat, finally got rid of that universal spring hose.
  3. Ordered the new fast idle lever last night, but for kicks I decided to see about putting the choke together with the old one and it seems to line up perfectly with the high idle cam so, yeah. The new one should be here before I go to swap the carbs and I'll have to pull the choke off anyway to get the vacuum advance hose on, and I'll probably just swap the new one to have a new shiny one.
  4. I must say rebuilding this holley was a dream compared to the bike carbs. Spent an hour after rebuilding trying to figure out the electric choke conversion, only to flip the instructions over to see a special set of instructions for my model of carb that requires an extra part. There definitely wasn't a large bold notice on the front page of the instructions about those special instructions.
  5. Well, I've been fighting rust repair fatigue this week so mostly been playing with the printer. Also found out today that the grill opening on the merc doesn't actually fit the proper grill, so some body work will be required before I can swap it out. I do have supports in place, but haven't bothered taking pics. Also pretty sure I'm going to rebuild the 500cfm 2300 Holley that was on the mustang and put it on the merc.
  6. For the first time since I've owned this truck I actually have a prop rod clip. Also did a shoot with a buddy that I'll eventually pull pics off my camera from.
  7. Roadster shell in Indy. https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1558809067631456/?d=m
  8. Hell yeah, and the vast majority of what I've printed to this point have been printer parts. Also printed a couple chocobos and a key chain for the bike.
  9. Called it an early night today, but managed to cut out some rot and get the rear end out. Starting to think I might need to add some bracing before I cut out anything else.
  10. Rest of the drinkers side trunk pan and the rear lower panel are out. Also been spending a lot of time printing printer parts. About 11 hours later and a couple 608 bearings and I've got a roller spool holder.
  11. More spot weld cutting and a little cutting cutting.
  12. OK, enough of this wood and plastic for now. Back to steel tonight and couple hours and a couple pounds worth of sweat later all the spot welds that hold that grody rear pan section to the tail light panel are out.
  13. I'm not exactly a stranger to working with wood, but this is the first time going after a "furniture grade" build. I am really missing having easy access to my mom's table and miter saws. I don't really have the space for them, but I have a few other projects that I want to do that would make a table saw a worthwhile investment. In the meantime I started playing around in another newish to me media.
  14. That it is. And now it's complete and living where it should. Kinda regretting not bringing my monitor risers home with the rest of my equipment, but it'll do for now.
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