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  1. Haven't really done much on the mustang in the last couple of weeks. Partly because hot and partly because work in on other things. Went to help a buddy get a start on freshening up his FD a bit. Starting with pulling the turbo manifold to get decked and regasketed. Amazingly all of the bolts that needed to come off broke free with no drama. The 2 of 4 wastegate bolts that were actually present on the other hand took some doing. Then I took 3 days to replace intake gaskets and oil pressure switch on the merc because I vastly underestimated how heavy the intake is and required acquiring another tool to have any hope of doing it alone. Turns out having a bunch of room in the engine bay is great for doing things like spark plugs, but trying to pull and place a 100 lbs intake combo from 3' away sucks bad.
  2. Getting closer to being ready for the cowl to go back on. Spent the last couple of days stripping the inner side of the firewall and filling some hole I had forgotten about and now starting in on the paint.
  3. Finally done chasing holes in the firewall, and considering it done until its time to put holes back in it.
  4. All painted up. I decided I'd finish up some firewall work while I still have easy access to both sides. I also figured I'd go ahead and try to match an existing feature with a patch where the heater hoses used to go.
  5. Speaking of sand blasting, underside of the dash and the kick panel pockets are as blasted as they're gonna get. Turns out I'm out of rust converter so I'll need to pick some up so I can get it all sealed up. After that I'm gonna finish up my firewall deletes and the the cowl will finally go back on for good.
  6. It was about 100% humidity here last night and got a good bit of water out of the drip tube that in my experience would have just caused my media to clump and clog the feed hole. Just trying to give me cheap pressure pot the best chance at working. This dryer is for sure huge, but a whole lot cheaper than a good off the shelf dryer.
  7. What he said. In my case it's mostly for blasting, blasters work better when you don't have water clumping up the media. Toward the end of this project I'll also be trying my hand at priming and maybe even paint that doesn't come out of a rattle can.
  8. Basically acts like a radiator cooling the air, water ends up condensing in the tubes and drops down into those drip legs. Air will just be recirculated, I'll be going with a smaller under dash unit for heat/defrost so it wouldn't mount up to the fresh air inlet anyway. The rollers on mine are also from a handheld sander that the motor crapped out on. So far $0 invested in it, and the only things I know I'll have to buy are a power port and a three position switch. No picture, because it doesn't really look any different, but the vent patch is fully welded in now.
  9. Leak tested, mounted and put to use. Tested it out by cooling some welds, no water in the little separator or out of the blow gun and the air coming out of the gun seemed a good bit cooler. New cowl came in and I wasted no time cutting it up. Opted to go with a single blank to shave the vents rather than the six from last time. Looking good so far.
  10. So I knew on paper the size this was gonna be when it was all together, seems bigger now. Just got to leak test and get it mounted to the wall.
  11. Platten and table done. Tested and works, but gonna have to figure out something for the drive pulley as it is pretty easy with a bit of pressure to just get the drive belt slipping. In other news I've admitted to myself that the time cost involved with fixing the cowl is more than the monetary cost of just buying a replacement. So, while I wait for that to show I'm off on another side quest for dryer air. Gotta get replacements for one wrong fitting and one cracked fitting and then it'll be ready for final assembly.
  12. Short night tonight, got started on the table and platten. Base of the table is a rest from an old busted bench grinder and it is bolted through the two panels and helps keep it in situ.
  13. Belt sander, now with 100% more belt. Tensioner is super simple and I definitely didn't weld the upper angle to the wrong side at first. Tracking adjustment took a little more figuring. Still gonna need a table, a platten, and some way of actually securing the rotaty bit, not to mention getting the electrical to something nicer/safer than the bench test setup I've been using. I did give it a little test spin and it actually worked.
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