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  1. Took the day off to go do some redneck shit. Probably should have planned a little ahead. Solo wheeling has it's downsides. Only took an hour to get off that log. Followed that with backing down an other hill into a very sneaky tree.
  2. Short night, but some progress was made. Old rear window panel is out minus some rust trimming and a few spot welds to cut that I couldn't get to before.
  3. Went ahead and pulled the base plat off the other 650 and put them both through the blaster before going for another round in the ultrasonic. Also ran sever other parts through the bath. Found out that someone has been at this carb with the needle and float adjuster 9000. Also managed to get the throttles moving in both base plates so I might actually have 1.75 usable carbs by the time I'm done. Not sure if there is a way to embed gifs here and don't have the fucks to find out now, so click at your option for short clip of moving,
  4. Couple weeks ago I picked up a couple old carbs for reasons. One, well 2, a complete 650 double pumper that was an emissions legal replacement for quadrajets, a carb I've been meaning to replace on my mom's K20 for years, and another mostly complete. The other other just a humble 600cfm 1850 that will find it's way on to the 289. Both of the 650s have stuck throttles that I'm hoping to get moving without trashing the base plates. The 1850 is sticky, but moves. These led me to give a chinesium ultrasonic cleaner a shot. It did a decent job of cleaning with a 50/50 water
  5. Got around to restocking some sheet metal and got to work on the first rear window area patch panel. After a couple of hours it was sitting fairly close to about right for the basic contours. It was here though that I got to thinking about how many additional hours it would take to get it the rest of the way there, add the break, trim, add the window frame sections and then have to repeat it all on the other side. That was followed by deciding my time was worth the not very much money of the whole replacement panel, so yeah, got to work with the spot weld cutter in pre
  6. It's really too bad ford went to the integrated bell with the mod motors. The 3650 is a decent trans and fairly inexpensive, but it isn't a simple or cheap conversion to use them on anything but mod motors.
  7. And if you want to really spend some fuck you money there is the 6060.
  8. If it makes you feel any better T5s have a wonderful habit of eating gears if you apply more than a little bit of torque.
  9. Got the sail panel patched up, or at least as much as I can until I get to the window corners. Down to scraps for sheet metal stock and none of those scraps are big enough to do the patches on the panel below the window so those will have to wait until I restock. In the meantime I started in on some random other things including getting the rust cut out of the passenger inner tub. There is a common mod to extend that lower corner to the inside for improved tire clearance. That'll happen before that hole gets closed back up.
  10. Lead filler these days is pretty cheap, lead free metal fillers less so. I think I'll pick up a small batch of the lead free type and see how much I hate life while trying to use it. Worst case I go over whatever abomination I create with glass filler. Got the corner patched up.
  11. I've used kitty hair with lasting results, but part of me thinks the old school car should get old school methods. Mention lead free alternative mostly so I can be a little careless when it's time to sand it down.
  12. I have seen that video, and will be using a similar method. Unlike Fitzee, I use the shit out of cardboard templates, and by in large couldn't care less about retaining factory seams. To that end, those seams you can see in the pics of the corners will be going away. The plan is to dump some por15 or similar into all of the cavities and follow that up with chassis saver or cavity wax. Didn't have a lot of time to work on things tonight, and most of that time was spent being not happy with the corner patches for the sail panel. To give myself a quick win I went ahead and
  13. Probably more just being way over loaded. Those were definitely light duty springs with at minimum medium duty load. I wasn't especially easy on them either. Lucky for me I had previously coated all of the hardware in an excessive amount of anti seize, so I was actually able to get all the bolts out. I did manageto snap the other lower shock stud though. In other news I worked on the mustang again. Thinking about making some mustang flavored bullets now that I have all this lead laying around. That hole by the drip rail
  14. Random project updates. Had these old advent baby iis sitting aroumd for a while and finally decided it was time to get them rocking again. Thought about just replacing the speakers entirely, but figured I'd try refurbing the originals first. Sadly the tweeters appear to be dead and one of the woofers has a hum in the voice coil at anything above low volume. After letting it sit for a couple of months I did finally get around to doing water pump gaskets on the merc. Was going to do the pump too, but after pulling it off I realized it was fuckin
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