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  1. Moving along, first of the new flanges is underway. The cowl definitely didn't warp at all when welding the upper flange back on. With the corner pressed down to where it should be you'll see I didn't totally fubar the new flange height.
  2. Really starting to wish I had taken an extra couple of days to paint the front turn signal housings and mount while I had the forks out, last real chrome left. Back to the mustang. Started on correcting the mistake of cutting the upper flange.
  3. I've gotten the bike out for a couple quick test rides. Runs pretty well, but definitely gonna need to do a proper sync on the carbs. New exhaust is louder than expected with both baffles, it has a deeper tone and kinda sounds like like a scooby. Neighbor was pressure washing when I got bad so no terrible cell phone audio of the new pipes. Plugs look just about right compared to the lean look of last season's. Pics for no real reason.
  4. Back on the ground and together. Just need to put oil in it, hook the fuel lines up and bleed the front brake and probably remove one of the baffles from the muffler. Rear fender is chopped to be flush with the bottom of the plate. Weather looks pretty meh for the next few days so likely wont get to ride until next week, but looking forward seeing how it runs and sounds.
  5. Fenders shopped and painted. Hopefully they'll be dried enough to bolt back on without scratching them to hell. Almost back together, got a few things to finish up once it's back on the ground.
  6. Got a few days until the replacement fork c clip shows up so taking a little extra time cleaning stuff up. Instead of just replacing the seal on the caliper I gave it a proper clean and paint. Getting started on my bike rice with a mini chop and and dechroming of the front fender. Rear will be getting the same treatment and both will finished in satin black.
  7. Fuck this c clip and seal in particular. Two hours plus or minus a bit for looking for tools, and forks are ready for new oil.
  8. Made some more what I guess could be called progress. Mostly just more disassembly, but also got the rear sprocket swapped so I could have that getting something done dopamine.
  9. Put a shiny new OE fuel filter on the new beater. And then got to put the cruddy old one back on when it immediately started leaking. Then I got some progress in on the bike. Good bit of cleaning, a couple new seals, and new sprocket.
  10. This is one time I was looking to avoid a project, I've been searching for a replacement daily for a while and for whatever reason I'm into murican land yachts at the moment. Also for a change of pace this isn't rusty.
  11. Maintenance/inspection day for the new beater. I think these have been in for a minute. This somehow didn't turn into a nightmare. Some how the threads in the pan were unscathed. I guess I'll mention that this isn't a project car, strictly a maintenance mobile...I say this mostly for my own benefit as I'm trying to convince myself not to put an intake and carb on it.
  12. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned my problem before, but, yeah it continues with this addition. That dent is the result of liquifying a deer.
  13. I get the feeling I'm going to be surprised how much differently (better) it'll run now. After I crawl back out of the rabbit hole. Got a few seals, sprockets, chain and an exhaust to replace.
  14. Carb rebuild day for the bike. Started strong just draining the bowls. Stripped down and a basic carb cleaner wire brush clean up. The carb bodies really weren't too bad, they had been cleaned a little before I bought it, but the emulsion tubes were full of shit. Other than setting the idle mixture screws they're ready to go back on the bike.
  15. Upper cowl stripped of paint and as much rust as I can get to with the wheels on the grinder and flanges have been roughly removed. Upper cowl should be much easier since I just have to make simple flanges and block offs for the vents. Peak at things to come next week. It's about time to get the bike ready for spring. Still waiting on the new exhaust to show up.
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