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  1. Ok now I'm really done with this project for a while.
  2. So, the old bars were at such a steep angle that the master was leaking out the cap and getting low enough to make the brakes weak. So, style aside I decided to go ahead and swap them, very nearly regretted it. Now my cables and brake lines are too long, but they're comfortable and look much better. Pic of finished product to come during daylight.
  3. Slowly getting myself back into working on the Mustang. As mentioned before I made the filler panel for the driver side torque box. Before Super dark after. Then I got to work separating the passenger side. Will need to do some trimming to get it in around the inner rocker and then I can actually start getting it welded in next week.
  4. Ended up replacing the master over rebuilding, which could be related to me poking a hole in the diaphragm while attempting to get it over the Piston. I did manage to find an original seat locally and after slapping a new cover on it got it installed. I even managed to find a way of putting mustang parts on it by securing the seat cover with a bit of the old wind lace. Not pictured, but I did actually get some work done on the old mustang, just got the filler panel made for the front of the inner rocker, but it is something at least.
  5. Put about 60 miles on her today. Runs/rides nice. Sounds good, but extended periods at 4k rpm lead me to think I'll pick up some helmet speakers.
  6. Honda's attempt in the early 70s at beating 2 stroke bikes. Wanted a V8 rules said could only have 4. It was notoriously unreliable and only managed to complete a few races before they scrapped the program.
  7. Turns out the hardest part of replacing motorcycle tires is getting the new tube valve stem in place. Otherwise the old tire came off almost toolless and the new one went on with very little effort. I did go ahead and give the wheel a shitty paint job to help disguise how pitted it was.
  8. Pssh, clean up is hardly the ratsun way, but it wouldn't take much to actually make it nice. I'm mounting tires, rebuilding the master cylinder and finding a not duct tape seat away from hopefully being done with anything other that routine maintenance. Suggesting I get all but the seat done over the next couple of days I should be back to the mustang next week.
  9. Took her out for a maiden voyage. Runs pretty well. I'm sure it could use some tweaking to be tip top, but good enough while I learn how to ride. Still need to put the new tires on before I take out beyond the neighborhood.
  10. For whatever reason I didn't take pictures of the wrapped header, but I did take a terrible quality video after putting it back on. https://i.imgur.com/oGwXKRt.gifv And apparently that link doesn't auto load like images. Not missing much, but click if so inclined.
  11. First big step in the quick distraction project involves patching the collector. It ain't pretty, but good enough for a patch job on a roached header. Thinking I should wrap it just to hide the rusty nast.
  12. Well after one week of laziness induced minimal progress, and another week of sinus infection induced zero progress I actually managed to get something done. the first torque box is in. There was a fair bit more work to get the two pieces to fit properly compared to the floor pans. Still need to box in the inner rocker. Then today I came to the conclusion I may have a problem when this followed me home from lunch.
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