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  1. They're getting some work done on the farm. The excavator has good taste.
  2. New oil pan seal, oil pressure sender, oil and filter are in. I definitely didn't pour half a quart on the floor before remembering to put the drain plug back in. Ran it up to temp and got the valves adjusted up. Couple more things to check before getting out for a test ride.
  3. She's a runner again. Only kicked it over for 10 minutes or so before going through the general checks and realizing I had the coils wired backwards. Flipped the wires around, kicked it over one more time and fired right off.
  4. Didn't get as much.done as I was hoping tonight. While starting to set valve lash I noticed that the valves weren't opening when they should be. So valve cover came back off for me to find I had set the cam roughly 90 out. Seems I had picked a very different cutout on the cam when setting it the first time. Since the covers were coming off anyway, I've decided I'll put forth very little effort at finding replacement hardware this weekend.
  5. Sounds like it's time to sell that truck for cheap to someone 3/4 the way across the country then.
  6. Working on buttoning up a bunch of little shit. In the process I think I found the cause of the random miss I developed after my rectifier died last season. That's the ground for the coils.
  7. Lucky for me, in this case at least, once the tank is on the top of the motor is pretty well covered up.
  8. If I had more space, or ever got around to doing a purge and organize so I have more space I may invest in bits for zinc plating.
  9. Not totally sold on it, and now that it's all bolted back together it would be pretty easy to plug up the holes and give it a spritz but we'll see where I land on that. In the meantime the head is actually bolted down, cam is installed and timed and crusty bolts reapplied to the valve cover.
  10. Kinda looking like an engine again, and really second guessing not having painted the head. With the crank case still being dirty and mostly silver anyway it would probably still look a bit funny. Not that you can really tell but I did also sand down the edges of the fins on the cylinder section.
  11. Head reassembled, various hardware and bits cleaned up, and valve covers now a resplendent black.
  12. Plug hole has been repaired. It wasn't a cheap kit, but it is a hell of a lot nicer than a heilicoil. As much as I hope to never need to do this again, I hope I have an excuse to get more use of the spend. Also got around to putting some paint on the barrels. I have decided to forego painting the head, if only because I can't be bothered to properly mask it off. Put the head through one last buzzy hot bath after the plug hole repair. Valves need the same treatment before the head foes back together.
  13. Bores are honed, block deck is all prepped, old rings are out and started in on gapping the new ones. In preparation for checking/setting ring gap I whipped up a little dealy to get them set nice and even.
  14. Finished cleaning up the head and got the valves lapped. May have found part of my #1 compression issues, and certainly the reason why the plug was sooted all the way up the threads.
  15. Really starting to wish I had gotten the 20L. Overall it did a real nice job on the areas the solution could reach. I blasted the barrels and frankly it took so much more time than the ultrasonic for not far from the same result.
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