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  1. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    Transformer blew around the corner from home, so I was without power for the first bit garaging so I turned my attention back to the car since I didn't need electric for that. All that was left to get the engine out was to drop the drive shaft, disconnect the shift linkage and undo the mounts. After getting the engine out and pondering a bit I got back to the box. All the holes are drilled/cut, with the exception of the 4 to mount the power ports. Now just need to weld it to the motor bracket, paint it and finally mount the PSU in it.
  2. UnderControl

    What are you listening to???

  3. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    Better part of 2 hours later and I've created two holes for things. Only two more just like it and a bunch of standard round holes and this project will be a paint job away from being done.
  4. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    Electric conversion is pretty much required for one person operation on these and as it happens there are a million different builds out there to go off of. I picked the simplest/cheapest to work from and add my own spin to. No schematic as such on the psu, it is a standard off the shelf chinesium 20A AC/DC switching psu feeding a similar quality pwm. I'm using standard computer style power cords for power in and to my makeshift foot pedal. At the moment the pedal is just a momentary switch that goes between the psu and pwm, if I find it too cumbersome to adjust speed by the dial I'll switch it out for a foot controlled potentiometer.
  5. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    The power supply/pulse width modulator box is taking shape, this time without beer boxes.
  6. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    Now the motor is actually attached. Just need to build a box to hold the power supply and it'll be good to go. Also tested to make sure the power supply and pulse width modulator actually work to power the motor and controls the speed and direction.
  7. UnderControl

    What are you listening to???

  8. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    Well ended up throwing out my back and haven't gotten back to the car yet. Finally went and picked up a hoist from a buddy yesterday so maybe the engine will come out this week. In the meantime I have been working on some lighter duty projects. Chief among those being getting the bead roller setup for one man operation. Hazard fraught atv winch. Cut off the end off the spool and ordered a Lovejoy coupler to attach it to the bead roller. Then I made myself a PBR PWM PSU. Early in this thread I made mention of how much I like beer boxes for templates. Still do.
  9. UnderControl

    pic of your truck

    Turns out my hood is right about 35" high.
  10. UnderControl

    Metal's 350Z Daily

    Such a tease. Only one shot of the time attack 370.
  11. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    All of the sheet metal I've ordered has arrived so I should get around to actually doing more work. Planning to get the engine/trans pulled some time over the next week or so, but before I do I got the inkling to test out some ideas. While I'm not really a fan of exhausting over the valve covers, there isn't really a good way to route things that avoid it. There is however a lot more clearance than I would have expected and I should be able to keep a decent air gap between everything and the pipes on either side. This is getting way way ahead of the project though, and the engine that might actually see turbos will sit in the bay a bit differently so clearance is subject to change.
  12. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    Shop got a new toy as well. Some minor modification will be necessary to make it more user friendly, but does alright so far.
  13. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    So far the oil is staying in place and it is working well. My early winter solstice holiday gift to myself finally showed up. Just in time to sit in the growing pile of parts for a few months.
  14. UnderControl

    Show me your Tool............

    Well worth the 32 dollhairs.

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