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  1. Started working on the lower cowl panels this evening. First two of three or four are roughed out. Doesn't look like much so far and it isn't helping that the panels are mostly just chillin.
  2. Didn't get quite as much done as I had hoped, but figured before busting out the blaster again I'd spend some time filling holes I won't be needing anymore. Blower motor, heater hose and a couple other misc holes are filled in. Still have a few more to go. I also made a panel not pictured for where the a pillar meets the cowl panels.
  3. Finished burning in the flange and welded up a few small original holes that will no longer be needed. Threw the top section of the cowl back on to check the fit with what is left of it's flange and everything checked out. Probably get back to trying to get the nooks and crannies blasted before moving on to the lower cowl section since once that's in I won't have this kind of access anymore.
  4. Got the second panel shrunk and everything final trimmed and cleaned. Ran out of .030 wire though because that's how I roll.
  5. Saga continues and I must say I'm fairly impressed with the HF shrinker. These are the remaining two flange sections for the firewall. The one is ready for final trimming, the other one I started shrinking and then I broke the small wood screw I have been using as the pivot for the foot pedal on the shrinker. I don't have any lag screws in stock so I'll deal with that tomorrow. In the meantime I've clamped the finished part in to check fit and mark for trimming.
  6. First panel is burned in and the other two cut out. Tested out a new toy by cutting the two new blanks. This is likely the cheapest electric shear on Amazon. I'm running this at its maximum capacity and it worked as it should. Only slight tweaking of the starting corners, otherwise clean cuts. So much nicer than using the grinder.
  7. So I've got the blaster feeding a little better, but still not quite there. When it does work it's nice. This should be the last time I have to drive across town to get steel since the cheap option in town will be opening a much closer location next month. First panel made with the bead roller and shrinker is mostly ready. Another light pass on the shrinker should have the arch right. The break for this piece was mostly done on the roller with just a light pass with a hammer in the vise to finish and then 3ish passes on the shrinker to get it to follow the curve of the firewall. I'll bee replacing the entire flange on the firewall and will likely save the final edge finishing until the cowl goes back on.
  8. Got to be careful with those herb fueled ideas, that's a fast track to developing a frisbee based tennis game a spending and couple hours storyboarding a comic where the main character is a mutant watermelon. I'm plenty familiar with working as cheaply as possible, that largely why I'm making my own replacement panels for the cowl rather than buying the off the shelf stuff. In other news I may have figured out my blaster problem. I went to dump out most of the media and discovered that a lot of it had clumped up. I probably should have checked that before considering its been years since I've used it and last time I did was with a shitty compressor and the world's cheapest dryer. Either way all cleaned out now and tomorrow I'll reload it with finely sifted media and see how she runs.
  9. Ha, that's certainly an idea. I have considered adding a pneumatic vibrator to the system, but ones large enough to run in line cost as much as a good blaster.
  10. It is the little pressure pot blaster. I've already upgraded all of the valves on it and can get it to feed if I keep rocking the tank so the media doesn't bind up. I'm thinking I just need to dump out about half of what I put in there and just deal with filling it more often.
  11. I'm going to give my little blaster another shot, if I can actually get it to feed worth a damn I'll happily be a cheap ass and do it at home. Even just getting in all those impossible to get to with a grinder spots with it would be huge.
  12. Continued venture down the rabbit hole this evening. Lower section of the cowl is out. Large sections are still salvageable, however I did find some holes I hadn't previously noticed in some rather inconvenient/difficult to reproduce spots. At this point I'm seriously considering getting the shell blasted, largely because I'm tired of rust and don't want to be sweeping up media for years.
  13. No car progress, but I got a little skill progress. It is nearly time for me to start putting that bead roller to use so I got some practice in. Managed to make the most rigid piece of 22ga I've ever seen. Still need some practice.
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