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How did these work?

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Found this in the back of a car I was checking out today. It has what appear to be normal aluminum 5-slots (it's a Z), but this spare was wider, had more lip, and the inner half sure looks like steel, complete with rust. The outer looks like aluminum, but the two appear to be welded together. That doesn't seem possible.


Anybody know the story with this?





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The rust transferred from some steel that was near it.

this is what i think too 

take scotch bright to the inside of the wheel and it should clean it up 

do not scotch bright the face unless you like scratched wheels 

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Definitely looks like a steel barrel that the tire mounts to, while the center section is aluminum. The weirdest part is that the aluminum center extends all the way out to the tire, but only overlaps the steel barrel, making it look like the tire seats to the aluminum, but it doesn't; out at the bead, it's little more than an aluminum hubcap.


Another oddball I don't know what to do with. It's supposed to be my spare but doesn't even fit completely in the well.



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