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Stock 85 720 aircleaner on Weber

Rickie B

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You can use the stock air cleaner on your weber ,this is what i did,purchase the adapter,believe it is Redline part # ending in 301,this adapter fits on top of the weber,it has a 3 in. opening that fits the air cleaner perfectly.Now at this point the hood will NOT CLOSE,this is what i did.I cut aproximatly 3/8 off the Bottom of the adaptor. To lower the adaptor more, on the inside of the adaptor in the top 4 corners where the bolts come threw grind the corners till they clear the top of the carb,now the adaptor is sitting flat on the top of the carb.At this point the choke plate will not open,so mark with a marker where the choke plate hits and do some grinding on the adaptor.Now to to fill the gap and seal the adaptor to the top of carb i got a piece of 1/4 in neopreme sillicone rubber and made a perfect gasket by tracing the gasket that came with the kit and cut out the rubber one.Where the air cleaner mounts to the valve cover i needed a 1/2 in spacer under the brackets,can not get it down low enough to be perfect. It does still hit the hood but not by much,on the inside of my hood there is the 1/2 insulation pad so it does not come in contact with the bare hood,hood still closes very easy.Also No Wing Nut used a bolt with washers and rubber to seal the hole, use the clips to hold down the top.Hope this helps  UPDATE,i removed the air cleaner ,flip it upside down ,there is a rubber seal with a 3/8 lip remove the seal and flip it around,now the lip is on top of the hole  alowing air cleaner to come down even more, no need for spacers to bolt it to the valvcover,now the air cleaner barely brushes the insulation under the hood, hood closes very easy, Looks almost stock now   :thumbup:

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Now do it again with pictures and it can be a How To.

Ime new at this,  dont know how to post pictures ,i dont think its as simple as up loading them from my computer,i registered at photo bucket but my antivirus said it was potentally harmfull so i left it alone,any sugestions?

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You just need to adjust your spam filter settings on Photobucket. I upgraded my virus software recently and it warned me about Photobucket too, but I have been using it for years.


It's not the best out there, but it's free...until you run out of room, and then they got you.

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Because of the potential danger of allowing a virus onto the forum, most forums require a secondary hosting site like Photobucket.


The worst thing about Photobucket is the time it takes to upload pics, then sort them and then when it comes time to load them onto the forum, that also takes way more time than it should. I wish Photobucket would listen to the complaints and change their format.

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