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project power wagon 1980 510

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Ok, I've been trying to sell the wagon for some time. Seems only crack heads and people buying cars for some charity case they work for/with and they only want to spend $300. $1000 was all I was asking for a reliable, tagged, titled car with new tires, maintenance and brakes. No takers.

Skip to the present. I decided to keep it as a backup vehicle and get my 240sx/Silvia back on the road when out of the blue a friend asks me to come and chat...kinda odd, but ok. I get there and his son has wrecked his 1993 240sx with sr20det and he wants me to make an offer. Not being in a financial situation to be buying a car (I was selling the wagon to pay bills) we worked out a trade. I fix his Bronco and I get the car!


So I tore into it, and purchased all major parts needed to fix the bronco for $35. Still need some butt connectors and shrink wrap. So probably $45 total plus my time to fix about 12 wires for a known running 2.0 turbo drive train!


Some of you may have seen the wagon before, but here's pics again, because I know how pics make everything better.









Now here's the donor:






I'll get some better pics of the donor when it stops raining (IF it ever stops raining!)


I plan on taking EVERYTHING from the 240SX and putting it in the datsun with the exception of the HVAC system, which I will modify the Datsun's compressor to fit the SR...or get one that fits. (anyone have an SR a/c bracket?)  So any links to projects or info which may help my progress will be GREATLY appreciated


Soon as Ms. Silvia is back on her feet, I will begin....



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thanks, ]2eDeYe!  It's going to take a while.


here's a few more pics





and here you can see that the roof is buckled and the side glass has about a 1.5" gap at the A-pillar.



I've got a Bronco to fix then I'll tear into this donor so I can haul off the carcass.

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Darn toot'n, it's VLSD!  If nothing else, I can sell it to fund the project.  Yeah, nothing usable is going to the wrecking yard.  I'll even be using the floors and possibly the trans tunnel.  


First things first, I need to get an oil pan for the SR so I can verify that engine doesn't need rebuilt.

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This is the closest I've seen someone come to using compete 240sx front suspension. It's on a PL510, but the suspension designs are similar enough that I think this will give you a heads up on possible issues.




There's only one member I know of on here who swapped in a 240 rear suspension assembly, but he used it all. Swapped in to a 610 after he narrowed it 4 inches. Sadly he no longer owns the jig he built to narrow it. He used cv shafts from other Nissans to build it. I am assuming that your car is still live axle and leaf springs here, but I honestly don't know that for sure.



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Small info update


Got a new pan and pickup tube for the SR for $20 thanks to Jody Cook, local guy on Nismokc.com.


I did some measuring. Looks like the front subframes are really close in width and shape. They're both front sump/rear steer setups!


Bad news is the strut towers are about 2 inches closer in the Datsun, so custom LCAs will likely be needed if I intend to use 240sx struts.


Still a ways to go before I really dig into this, but "every step gets me one less toy last".

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I saw that. I think, however, the A10 510 is a totally different design. Where the early car's control arms are mounted to the rear of the cross member on a stud, the A10 is squeezed in a pocket and a bolt runs through, like the 240.


I'm hoping the control arm bushings and their sleeves are the same size because I have a urethane bushing kit that would be very useful.

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Hahaha, Dez! I didn't know you were on here. Lol


I wanna wait to spill the beans at the BBQ.


As for an update, I got the oil pan on today. Had to figure out how to get enough power to the starter to crank it, but I got it spinning fast enough to fire off and she started up and purrs like a 3 month old kitty! No MAF, or any kind of intake to speak of so it was running limp mode, but the oil pressure was good, no leaks (except exhaust), no knocks or rattles! She's good to go!

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This could be one hell of a sleeper. Were you able to fix the Bronco?

Yes, with some wire from a harness at work, a new ignition switch and a connector with a pigtail. Total cost was $35, but it took a lot of time (like a full Saturday and 3 more evenings) to get the burned up wiring repaired.

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