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  1. Haha yea from when I had the b310...now I'm looking to get pick up a much better datsun. I'm not saying anything about this but I do want that sr20 lol
  2. i have one of these motors in my s13 and it should weigh in at ~2500lbs with me in it...i could probably answer any question you have about it...the Y33(95-99) vq30det is the motor that you will want as it doesnt have NATS and DBW like the Y34(99-04)
  3. ran across this video on youtube :sick: :sneaky: :sick:...
  4. what was the process you used to transfer the mounts over and how much wider is the dana 30?
  5. kirotech i want that rear end setup lol
  6. what rear end do you have in it?
  7. what are they specs to those wheels?
  8. so will people be mad if i bought the 510 and crammed a VQ into it? hmmm
  9. dez

    Drag Wag.

    yes that info would be greatly appreciated and a cost estimate of the rear end because i may be starting a "drag wag" project soon.... are you going to throw a couple spacers on and see if you would be able to keep from chopping the frame rails or was it in the plan to cut it up anyway?
  10. dez

    JDM Vintage Goodness

    :hyper: :thumbup: :wub: wait for the reason i posted here....
  11. dez

    Drag Wag.

    what is the dimension specs on the rear end? width wms to wms, axles length etc...
  12. i have been looking at this wagon also but i think 3500 is too expensive
  13. I have a turbo 87 300zx clutch type LSD long nose R200 with uknown mileage but both CLSD and the axles look to be in good condition $800 OBO text 405-six four 1 25 one eight
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