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Brake shoes


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Not at all. They simply use the same photo for all applications rather than the bother and expense of pictures of tens of thousands of different ones. It's just holes, probably for riveting them on, they don't work any better than anything else. And at $19 they are probably less good. Ya gits what ya pays for.

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Probably not. Go with a brand name, they would have the fewest flaws and most value for the dollar. Just remember that being able to stop even two feet shorter than the other maker's shoes can be the difference between keeping and loosing your vehicle. If I can stop faster and safer I would use them even if they were pink.

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Rivets work fine until you overheat the shoes.  Then the shoes crack and disintegrate.  At least with glued ones the shoes usually stay on if the material cracks.  I have, however, had the entire shoe lining fall off intact (of both shoes on one side) of the glued type.. 

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There are lots of things to consider. Some stop better than others. Some are quieter. Some wear longer. Some work better when heated up like on a race course. You want good stopping, quiet operation, good wear characteristics, and work well if cold/hot or wet. Some good stopping pads or shoes are a bit aggressive and wear the rotors faster.


Go on line and see if there are comparisons of stopping performance between brands. Don't pick the best stopping necessarily as they may be the racing pads that need to be super hot to work. You need something that works instantly in any weather.



As the front disc brakes do almost all the work stopping a vehicle, why not up grade to a set of 720 front calipers and vented rotors? Or D-21 Hardbody calipers and rotors? http://community.ratsun.net/topic/59255-78-620-disc-brake-upgrade/




This is exactly what I did on my 78' KC to upgrade the brakes & utilize dropped spindles:
Bell-Tech D21 Dropped Spindles (2wd 4cylinder spindles 85.6' thru 97')
85.6' thru 97' 2wd 4cylinder D21 Hardbody truck hubs & the dust shields if you want them
85.6' thru 97' 4x4 Hardbody or Pathfinder Calipers & Mounting brackets (keep the hardware)
Order new rotors for a 86-97 2wd D21 Hardbody V6 truck.
Upper ball joints are the same from 78' to 97' ... Moog PN# K9022
Lower ball joints are the same from 78' to 85' ... Moog PN# K9045
My master cylinder (13/16") & all my steering components are stock. My brakes are not soft & works as expected.
Rear are fine as drums unless you're running big horse power, IMO
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