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scored a 219 sss head


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should i grab the flat top pistons or the whole block? looks like cylinder number 4 had some trouble. intake valves measure 1 5/8 roughly. it came off a l16. i got the 1600 valve cover with it too. i haven't cleaned it up to look for cracks. also didn't look at the head gasket or block very close. i'll post some more pics of it when i clean it up a bit.













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if i can scrape up the funds today i'll get the block. the head wasn't loose but the head bolts just broke loose easier than all the other heads i've pulled. maybe it was the half inch breaker bar that made it feel that way instead of my old way of using a 3/8 drive with a wrench on the end for leverage.:D after i got the bolts out i didn't even have to tap the head, it just came right off.

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picked up the short block today. when tacoma pull-a-part says short they ain't foolin. no timing cover, crank pulley, flywheel, water pump, oil pump, hell she even said the oil pan wasn't included.:eek: anyway i'll post pics later.


after tax i paid $40 for the head and cam w/sprocket and $70 for the short block with oil pan. crank sprocket fell into my tool box along with all the bolts and worm gear. $110 total.


compared to a long block that is $108 after tax.

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got them cleaned up somewhat. what do these stamped numbers mean? piston #1 has a 2 and pistons 2,3,4 have a 3? all have corresponding numbers on the top of the block. now for my ignorant questions. i want to have the block and head resurfaced. do i need to take the pistons out of the block and the valves out of the head? i'm pretty sure the valves need to be removed for this i just hate doing it, especially without removing the cam towers. i've read your never supposed to remove the cam towers cause they are line bored from the factory, but i did on my l20b.






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naw you dont get pistons surfaced. the numbers will stay. the numbers really mean nothing. 2 of the pistons have had contact with the valves, you can see the smileys. did the timing chain break? either way some rings, a good hone and some bearing/gaskets that thing will be good as new. that cam may be a performance one if the valves hit, never know, measure the lobe height and compare it.

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Ok, now I'm confused. The bore of a L20B is 3.35", right? And the bore of a L16 is 3.27. The bore of an L24 is cited as being 3.3. Not sure if they dropped the hundredths on the L24, but if it is 3.3 even, are you depending on the rings to make up the .05 in the L20B? If you're boring the L16 to fit the L24 piston wouldn't you be better of boring it to fit the L20B piston?

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