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Rim identification

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Looks like it says 7 inch? width?


Lay face down and place a straight edge across the back but not on the tire. Measure down to the WMS (wheel mounting surface) and post your results. From this the back space or off set of the rim can be worked out. Too much negative off set and the rim extends out and will hit or be hit by the fender during suspension movement. Too much positive and it may be too far in reducing the track width or hitting the suspension on turns.

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This is the Wheels and Tires forum for the discussion of them. Now that you know what they are and their size, if looking for one to buy you will have to take this out of this forum and place an ad in the classifieds.... http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/category/10-wheels-and-tires/?sort_key=date_added&sort_order=desc There is a link at the top center of every page. You can post a link to this thread for the pictures and description.


I cleaned up all the superfluous posts.

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Would a 7" et37 fit a 240sx? 

Does the casting 413 mean there are 114.3? If not we need proof of lug pattern

How many FWD cars were 114.3? I don't think BBS was building 15x7 wheels for the Cherry market

Are we being played here?


No pic in first post or question of how to post a pic. COME ON


I know these will fit a Civic, 240sx, and a 510


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