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"L" gurus. Need rebuild help.

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Just got my short block back from the machine shop and they didn't install the rear crank cap seals. You know the ones that are wedged into place on both sides of the cap? How do these go in? I have four pieces: (2)rubber c-channels and (2)steel strips that are beveled on one end. I'm pretty sure if these don't go in right it will leak and i'll be pissed.


Thanks guys!


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All - Thanks for all the info. I'll give it a shot.




I need to know where you got those wheels!! :cool:


Sorry dood! I don't have those. Straight JDM goodness. I think they're some crazy offset, wide SSR Star Sharks. Nice huh?

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Nisaan part # 12289-W0400(side seal for crank bearing cap) goes in either way.


order extras!!!!!!!!!


Doug you seen it now!!!!!!!!!



As Doug was saying you want the back of the "C" the flat part facing towards the outside of the block. The wedge will be in the inside next to the main bearing cap if that explaines it correctly


like this(2pc) open part of the C faces towards the center of the block


block -IC/metal wedge- cap bearing -metal weadge-block

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