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Last Cars and Coffee Irvine - CANCELLED


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Update 12-21-2014: Cars and Coffee Irvine has been cancelled for 12-27-14.


Cars and Coffee Irvine has been ordered to shut down. So, the SoCal Datsun crowd would like to make a large coming. It will remain shut down until a new location is found and announced. It might be a week, it could be several weeks. Come on down and join us for one of Southern California's largest weekly car show. Let's get every Datsun in SoCal together!


We will meet at Walmart right off the I-5 at 5:00am. We will caravan from there to Cars and Coffee.


Address of Walmart:

71 Technology Dr

Irvine, CA 92618


Lot is expected to fill quickly, so the earlier we roll in, the better chance we have at getting parking together.

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btw, rumor is c&c will only be admitting 2drs or coupes

trucks, 4drs & goons are being turned away. can somebody verify?

That seems unlikely. They supposedly do have a thing of four door vehicles newer than 2004 (I think it is) will not be admitted in the show, yet you see several of those, so I guess it's one of those loosely enforced rules, but I have heard of people in some highly modified vehicles being turned away. I think someone's just trying to scare people away.


If it's true, then I meet that "two door only" criteria.

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It appears that the last date has been cancelled do to severe overcrowding. So don't show up next Sat at 5:00 am. You will be the only one there.

This is sad news. I have always enjoyed going.


I've never seen anything like it, I have no idea how many cars showed up, But it was crazy to say the least.

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