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Anyone have this am radio face plate / bezel


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doesn't have to be in good shape. just want the center bar that says Datsun. going to retro fit it into a retro sound stereo.





going to paint the chrome bezel black, and try to mimic the silver striping.



I have one, but its in such good shape, I don't want to cut it up.


next move would be to make it out of plexi and have a decal guy make up the logo. I just don't think the raised letters will look as good.




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Thanks for the reply.
I found an ebay sale with the Datsun letters in alot of different sizes/styles, so Im going to not cut up an original part and make my own.

ill post up pics when done.

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That actually looks pretty good.  I would hide the wires hanging down.  Make it look like a stock AM radio, and there will be less of a temptation for somebody to steal it, when the truck is parked.    That might save 1. the radio. and 2. The window they broke to get in.

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Your right on track with the 80's vdo gauges, but these are brandy new!  I daily an 81 turbo diesel rabbit, so these feel right at home to me.
The gauge cluster came from here:



but it looks like hes out of stock at the moment.


Im definitely going to be hiding the wires.  The car is far from done.  There are 4 more gauges going in the lower console, and the factory ac in-between the two. 

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