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  1. Think I mentioned this 2 you already..... Bought that carb because it had good throttle sh bushings, one in my driver at that time had wobbly shafts. I would not alter the factory shaft bores until wear evident. THEN it is a bitchin' idea. We can get choke 100% by fall~~~uwe will b fine if you remove choke butterflys or wire securely open 4 Canby. Nice and cool outside. Just had 'lunch'. I ain't quittn' till the sun starts heating things back up.
  2. Fixed! That was darn quick! Glad tool worked. So I guess that will make it 3 720kc's headed North Sat am?. 82-83-84 if I get MY truck together in time. Just logged in 4 a min....BACK 2 work. Nice and cool right now. Nap midday Wed when 100deg.
  3. Nobody but me will ever see it. Couldn't stuff it in dirty....wood of bugged me everytime I thought about it. 1st thing on my agenda today is to get on my back with hot soapy water and scrub the underside of the cab.....follow up with heavy coat of carnuba wax. Some of the suspension stuff needs a scuff and hit with semi-black. Debating whether or not to throw in the power steering 'box' or stick with it the way it is. :hmm: Really heating up outside....gotta get 2 work. :sweat: Wish me luck ya-all......LOTZ 2 do! :unsure: Wish I had a clone of myself, or could get tele-kinesis to work. :
  4. Hey Jester....great pics! Great video Al!! I worked on my truck till 4:30am....just got up an hour ago. Sorry guys for bringing over the infamous dogleg. I thought I had just what the truck needed. First L trans I have had out of a rig....never did a side by side comparison to the other L trans I have that is in my 80kc. Engine, trans were factory installed in a rolled over 2wd 79'620kc b-4 I removed....serial #'s even match. I am sure glad I climbed under there yesterday and figured out what we had wasn't going to work b-4 too much more time had elapsed. When I get all my stuff done 4 Canby I
  5. grab the x-mas decorations while you are up there.....save you a trip up the ladder in December.
  6. those ones nicer than the ones I have I think but i'll check when I'm @ 'yard' next. I have a new universal heater core/fan assembly I am going to use.....limited space in that quadrant with the el'28 being shoehorned in. If better ya'll argh welcome two it.
  7. I'll keep fender till I have a need or find a truck that needs it. My heart still pangs a little when I think my 82....id B driving it today if I hadn't found the nice 80kc I have. Motor from my 82 on cherry picker.....almost ready to 'drop' into 'Brownie #3' 83' kc(see thread).
  8. I like runnin' 235-60-15's on factory 60's GM wheels. Biggest/stiffest tire/wheel combo that does not screw up speedo/rub fenders, or cost a bloody fortune.
  9. My 66' D-100 has a fresh 'leaning tower of power' sitting on the engine stand. A hemi would be bitchin' but when I finally wear out the Slant I am going to go early CUMMINS!!
  10. lotz of input on engine color........ Early Chrysler red looks great on any engine. Flat black is the smartest choice......dissipates heat the most efficiently.
  11. My pops grew up in northern Ontario Canada(grandfather hard-rock nickle miner)where they salt the roads. When he came to utah/cali in the 70's he saw all the cars that rotted away when he was a kid......still solid and driving. He has close to 50 classic cars......I'm trying to keep my collection under a dozen.
  12. Straight front bumper....lucky you! Think I have a nice left fender off my 'dearly departed' 82. If you are in the eug, oregon area u can have it as long as u pay it forward. Useable door.....$20. pm me if interested...I added u to friends. Looks like a solid truck....inside of tailgate looks pristine in the one pic. If you give it regular maintenance/love it will last longer than u will want 2 drive it.....had an 85 std with 298k(did not use oil).
  13. very nice.....I sit behind the same cluster in my 80kc(ONLY 90k miles!).i'll bet u a cold pepsi the clock doesn't work though. I resorted to installing a AA battery powered 'movement' and retrofitted the 'hands'. I have yet 2 find ONE 70-80s nissan clock that works.....pickups or sentras. I think our Pac-northwest humidity is a major culprit.
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