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Anyone buy from racinglab.com?


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So they have some Rota Shakotans for a decent price, but I've never heard of racinglab.com.  Says they're in California, but the website Engrish suggests not quite American and Industrial Way may well be a container filled with Chinese wheels.  I don't know, therefore, asking the Ratsun brethren.  Thanks!

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Yeah, did some digging, saw some Honda boy whining from 07, couple late ships on stupid lighting crap, and some good reviews on people getting stuff from them and not having a problem.  Figure if they have history back from '07 and they're still up, probably not a bad bet.

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Annoyingly, they ONLY ship to the actual billing address of your payment card unless you contact the card company and have another address added.  I'm sure as shit not having 4 wheels shipped to my house in the ghetto, might as well set my money on fire.  Guess I'll have to call and see if I can do that.

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Actually it was pretty easy to change the address, just called up that bank and done in two minutes.  Just have to change it back after the wheels ship.  It is $100 shipping which rather sucks.  Just looked at the other wheels I got for the autocross Maxima, indeed that was 89 for shipping and this is a little further south.  Damn shipping.  Haven't hit the actual button yet, but oh well, guess I'll just have to suck it up.

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So I'm not sounding the alarm bell just yet since I know we came off a long weekend and likely they're backlogged with orders, but I have yet to see an email regarding shipment of the wheels I ordered.  I called their number and it says the caller's voicemail inbox is full and cannot accept any more messages.  That's a little disconcerting.  I sent them an email via the form on their website.  I'll give it another day to see if they contact me.  If I haven't heard back by then, I'll probably be going a different route involving the bank.  I'll keep you guys posted.

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Funny, they're also in Hayward, CA.  In fact, they're less than two miles from Racing Lab.  I would have preferred three emails to none at all, trying to look at this reasonably, but if they ran the card, I should get an email of some sort, you would think.  It does say to allow 48 hours for email back on the site.

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Okay, just called and got through this time to a nice fellow.  Little bit of an accent, but properly helpful.  Unfortunately, the full royal yamahas are out of stock in the size I requested.  They only have the black center, which I don't want.  So cancelling the order, they'll have more in February.  In the meantime I'll wait until that credit card amount has cleared off and then we'll see what I want to do.

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Now here's something interesting.  I checked out A spec wheels seeing as they seem to have the same offerings.  Went to create an account and it says my email address has already been registered.  Odd.  Clicked the forgotten password and they sent me a new password, logged in, checked history and it says you have not made an order before.  So how is it my email is already registered with them?  Coincidence?  Some other person just randomly pulled my email out of their hat while trying to order something?  Not impossible, fasterdatsun isn't that uncommon as an email handle.  Still enough to make me think it might be the same company.  But that seems odd they would run two sites.  I don't know, maybe I'm being paranoid, but it's ringing alarm bells in my head.

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