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  1. walpal

    What did you do to your dime today?

    Actually got it from Troy Ermish. Less than $30 with shipping. Also saw a vender at the Datsick San Jose swap meet with one but didn't get a price.
  2. walpal

    What did you do to your dime today?

    While re-installing the mechanical temp sensor the snout snapped off the lower thermostat housing. grrrr.... PO had trimmed the port to compensate for the lack of thread depth on the fixing nut for the sending unit making a weak point that failed. Nissan stills sells these (used on lots of motors). I made an internal spacer/bushing to take up the room and have a more secure fit with better strength. Only delayed progress a couple of days.
  3. OK, I went with the cheap ass hack to get some form of defroster function in my car. The good news is it is mostly hidden from view under the dash. The bad news is it aint' pretty. You have been warned. Had a roll of aluminum flashing that is easy to form, bends and cuts easy. A couple of pop rivets and foil tape and your good to go. Some 2" flexible tubing from Dorman links it all together. Bring on the frosty mornings!
  4. I was thinking that maybe printing this in 3 pieces and then gluing it together would make it easier (and maybe faster)? Two of the parts could be common to both sides (#1 + #3) with #2 (I think they angle away from the heater unit) being unique to left and right sides. ABS glue is pretty tough stuff. I have no idea if you can easily break the 3D print file into segments to accomplish this.
  5. If you do go down that route, please post a pic I would be very interested in the outcome. 3D printer will probably be in every car nuts arsenal of tools soon, next to the floor jack and tool box.
  6. Did a search and didn't come up with anything helpful. My car came with nothing, probably rotted away long ago. Just wanting to know if there is a resource or possible creative fix out there before I try to cobble something together. Found this 3D printable option http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:618340 just need to buy and learn how to use one. Datsunlandsocal had some but that source is gone. Picture attached below for reference (#14 and #15). Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Driving down the street I saw a rare flying Ferrari. Or is it a hovering Ferrari?
  8. walpal

    Any feed back on futofab 510 bumpers?

    Hi Cam, No brackets included for the rear, so the printing on the boxes is accurate. I think he sells them both ways ^_^ .
  9. walpal

    pic of your dime

    Oops, guess I wasn't all that clear. Bumpers are from Futofab, the spoiler was sourced from Troy Ermish and is FG.
  10. walpal

    pic of your dime

    I prattle on about that over here.... http://community.ratsun.net/topic/68911-any-feed-back-on-futofab-510-bumpers/
  11. walpal

    pic of your dime

    Mounted the Futofab bumper and the spoiler. Front end is done. Headliner and glass install is next.
  12. walpal

    Any feed back on futofab 510 bumpers?

    So I went with Futofab bumpers and am very glad I did. Great price for what you get vs. re-chroming my old ones. Some differences from stock but that is all pointed out on the Futofab's web site. Also, if he has them in stock, you'll probably have them a lot quicker than the shops turn around time. One piece front on the repop'd which I'm OK with, no seam to corrode down the line. One shop said that is why they don't like to do 510 bumpers since they can't get in there and really fix em' right. Also no holes for the overriders (though the mounting piece that attach to the brackets is drilled for them) again I am OK with that since I am not going to run them. Back bumper is also one piece so previous remark applies. This one does have holes for overriders. They come well boxed and wrapped in foam padding and should survive all but the most brutal delivery service. Chrome looks really good. Maybe not Pebble Beach quality but probably better than came from the factory. I have only mounted the front bumper so far, but everything lines up good (once I figured out I had the brackets swapped to the wrong side) with one side needing the bracket holes elongated a little to get it to fit perfect. I didn't weight them but their very simialiar in this regards. Only down side is the rest of the shiny bits look dull in comparison :blush: Looking forward to getting the back mounted up and getting the car out on the street. Thanks Dave!
  13. Like the title says, anyone have any experience with Dave's bumpers? They are sure sounding attractive after getting some quotes on re-chroming in Calif. It isn't a show car but I want it to look nice. And no, I don't want to paint or powder coat the ones I have. I've bought other parts from him and have been very happy.
  14. walpal

    pic of your dime

    It is a modern Mini Cooper (BMW) color - Pepper White. Very close to what we found under the parts that got pulled. Looks period enough for me. It is very much an ivory, creamy white.
  15. walpal

    pic of your dime

    Yea, I just took the leap off the financial cliff. Should get it home this week to start the reassembly process. Sure is a lot of work to get it to this point. Can't wait to start driving it again.

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