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Datsun Micro Mini by Keystone..... can anyone tell me more?


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I came across this locally.... in fact it has spent it's entire parked life within 50 miles of where it sits today in Upstate New York.  I am the 3rd owner, and received a full shopping bag of receipts and maintenance records with the purchase.... 72,000 original miles.


Here's some pics of it as we found it....  Not bad at all for 35 years of life in snowy Northeast!.... we did have to junk everything in the brake system complete and start from scratch... worked the chassis over, and then new tires, and a little paint, and we're driving her back and forth to work daily to work the bugs out.  It passed New York inspection last week and rolls down the highway 65-70 miles an hour with no problem and hardly any wander....  everything in the camper works!  Going to be time for some body work on the cab.  Then we move inside the cab and get that worked over... new seats and electronics.







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As promised, here's some pics of the interior.


From passenger side rear.  The "mattress" in the loft is actually a futon mattress. Yes, that is a propane / electric fridge, and it works perfectly!  Above the fridge is a storage closet with a shelf in it.  The circuit breaker box for the camper is located in there too.  Plenty of room in there for a microwave!  The door to the right of the fridge is a small bathroom (toilet only).  To the right of the door even with the mirror is the camper heater control for the onboard propane furnace.  And yes.... EVERYTHING works in the camper including the propane stove and the water system:






From driver's side rear, with the extra counter piece in place.  Also notice the 120V AC plug, which is powered off an inverter in the driver's side rear if a campground power hookup is not available.  There is also another 120VAC plug on the exterior of the vehicle





From loft with table up, also the gallon jug is sitting over the hole for the faucet.  We removed the small rise one that it was originally equipped with and am waiting on shipment of a taller rise one what will allow us to fill jugs in the sink.  Oops, I should have gotten the grates out for the stove for the pics... oh well..... under the bench seat on the left in this pic is the propane heater and storage space that has an outside door for keeping levelling blocks and other assorted bulky heavy stuff.  Under the bench seat on the right side in this pic is the water system with a 25 gallon tank and electric pump, or it can be hooked to city water and it bypasses the tank and pump and uses the city system water pressure.  Plenty of storage cabinets up top throughout the camper, plus 4 drawers under the stove, a cabinet storage area under the sink.  My Hun-bun is currently working on sewing some new curtains, and the rear window has horizontal blinds (they are currently down on the floor in this pic.  Not a ton of work to do in the camper, just odds and ends here and there.





From loft with table down:






In the cab (which needs some pretty'ing up of some of the previous owner's wiring.  We're also going to swap these seats out in favor of some racing seats out of a Porsche that are thinner depth-wise to give me a tad more leg room, but also are a LOT more comfy to sit in for a length of time.:



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That thing is SWEET!..... Mind if I ask how much you paid?

Well, it was "one of those things"... lol.... I shoot archery, and had traded a traditional bow that I had only about $300 in for an recurve, which then got traded for a high end target compound (which was worth much more than I had in the original traditional bow).... then I decided I had too many bows (I own two other high end models) and needed to sell one of them.... found a guy interested in the bow, and took it to him so he could try it out.... then he tells me he would love to have the bow, but was low on cash, but wondered if I would like to trade for it.... I say sure, whatcha got?.... and he shows me this in his backyard.... it hadn't been on the road in some time, but I figured for the whole $300 bucks I had in the original bow, this was a major step up, so we did the trade, and I dragged this home and proceeded to tinker and torch... Since I brought it home, I've probably put $1000 - $1200 into it in parts and untold hours of this and that... so all in $1300 - $1500 at this point... and we're camping in it this weekend! No major distance trip yet, just working the bugs out, and have a few more projects that want to accomplish on it first... like new seats for a little more room in the cab, and bodywork and paint on the cab, rip up the rug in the camper and replace with new (the floor underneath is perfect however) and a few other minor cosmetic dress up projects... the camper portion is good to go as far as functionality goes, water system works (installed the new faucet this past week), propane is good as well, and all the electronics are working now (radio, CB, etc), and hunbun got the curtains all sewed up... It's getting there and has been generally very low dollar so far... have an ignition gremlin to get worked out, but when she's running, she goes up the highway 65 mph with no problem... just not %100 reliable on starting yet.... she'll be good most of the time, but then loses power on the 12v switched side... believe there is a relay that I need to find and replace.... other than that she's rollin!

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cool. Dual rear wheels! I wonder what that thing weighs .

Title lists it as 3700 (believe that is "loaded" weight in NY? I.e. with driver / passenger / fuel / gear?). I will have to go with that, as I haven't had a reason to have it weighed otherwise....

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I know this thread is very old , but i just purchased an old  1978 Keystone micro mini built on Datsun 620 gonnaa need a bit of work but seems quite worthy- looking for a manual or a copy of a micro mini keystone manual to help me sort things out— also curious if there’s anyone “out there “ who has one of these ?— regards-

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On 7/28/2018 at 11:50 AM, Jancsi said:

I know this thread is very old , but i just purchased an old  1978 Keystone micro mini built on Datsun 620 gonnaa need a bit of work but seems quite worthy- looking for a manual or a copy of a micro mini keystone manual to help me sort things out— also curious if there’s anyone “out there “ who has one of these ?— regards-



Your best bet is a 620 shop manual and specific manuals for each piece of equipment in the RV. You are not likely to find a manual for the RV overall. 

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