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Wheel Choices. Help me decide.


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Sorry for taking so long to get a picture up, anyways here it is, I think it's sort of a bluish grey or something, I don't know what the color is called, I was looking at getting the gunmetal myself. I don't know where to get other colors beside flat black and gun metal, which is all I'm seeing at wheeldude.com.


Also, I'm looking for an appropriate offset for my truck as well, the ones listed are at 0 offset, so I'm not sure if that will work well.



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You will need larger back spacing for them. I got 15s and 8" wide rear and 7" wide fronts. BOTH front and back will rub your fenders...especially the back since you dont have a rear sway, everytime you turn off the road or where it is uneven, the axle will tilt and eat your tire walls and put cuts in your tires.


rear needs 5" back spacing (8" wheels) and front will need 5.5" back spacing for same wheels.



Photos of my wheels....




Rear is a 15x8" rim with 3.7" backspacing. I chose this for the look. IF you wanted them to fit in the wheel well you will need ATLEAST a 5" backspacing. Measure and see how much room you have on the inside.


Front is a 15x7" with a 3.6" backspacing. For an 8" wheel you will need ATLEAST a 5.5" back space....then you will scrub your wheel well inside....test fit them and see or measure if you know how.








Below is the inside view....room for more backspace to fit an 8" wheel inside the rear....doubt you could stuff one up front and not hit.



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