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Need help fixing leak ....


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hi guys . im new to ratsun forums and in need of some help/advice. i have a 72 510 im trying to fix up and i have a bit of a leaking problem i cant seem to fix . inside the car where the kick panel meets the top metal area theres a rusty spot that seems to be leaking through into the car . i cant get to that area from the outside it seems to be behind the top fender area somewhere.any ideas after i sand some of the rust away to make it so it doesnt leak any more ? im afraid if i put some cauking or sealant on the inside it will just find another way to get in since im not repairing the outside :(. any ideas would help and im kinda out of cash from fixing the 510 up already lol . this is one of the last things i need to do but since i cant see it from the outside im not sure inside patching will fix it or not . thanks .....

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might be good to post a picture of where you think the leak is comming from.


Is it possible all the drains under the front cowell are clogged and the rain water is over flowing in to the cabin?


If there is a crack in the metal I can't imagine why you couldn't see it. It is entirely possible that the crack its self is under the seal around the glass.


Thats all I can think of.

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aye i poured some water above the spot where its rusty inside and seems to be coming in at . it flows in from the top fender area/corner of the windsheild somewhere and runs down the firewall/kickpanel corner on both sides of the car it has the same problem . so i guess it could be the windshield seal . kinda odd that its leaking on both sides in the same area .its coming in outside in a area i cant see . either below the corner of the windshield or behind the fender/front door area where they meet but behind everything that i cant see without taking the door/fender off lol . thats way above my knowledge which is almost none lol . i wanna put a new carpet kit in the car but i need to get this rust/leak area fixed and cant afford to take it to a body shop atm. i cant see under there to well with all the dang padding that covers the firewall and dash to see where its coming in lol . well thanks for your input :lol::)

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Once you remove the cowl panel and clean out any visible leaves and debris, take a coat hanger and cut out a long straight section of it and push it down the hole in the center of the cowl. This is the cowl drain and it will feed out right on the top of the trans tunnel. It is sure to be clogged up. Then try flushing it out with water to make sure it flows well.

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ok i tore enough of the firewall padding off to run some pour water see where it comes in tests lol . its all rusty where the top of the kick panel meets the metal part of the dash area . theres a few rusty spots all along the line where that meeting place is .anytime you run water down the outside area of the fender/door/corner of the windshield area it gos into that metal area somehow . its not the cowl plugged or the windshield seal leaking or anything . its rusted out somewhere i cant see on the outside . guess my only option is to take out the dash so i can see the area clearly and fix all the rust through areas . ug lol i might just make a drain hole where it meets the floor and just let it drain out lol . fixing it the right way is just out of my league i think lol. to much work for me to do and i dont know how exactly or have a garage to do it in . i think i may need to take off the fender and or door to see where its rusting in from the outside also :( .

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i dont have a garage . i had a storage unit but i got rid of it 200 bucks a month is to much for me to pay atm . economy killing me lol .another problem i have is i love driving my 510 lol my civic is nice but its not my 510 . my plan was to get one of those rainblocking car covers but rain or shine i just want to drive my 510 . so until i come into some money to fix this problem i guess ill just have to deal with it with some towels when it rains hehe . what can i say if i have a choice of a newer car or my 510 ...... im driving my 510 ......

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