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Project: 620 City Cruiser - the Begining


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As the title says, this is the beginging of the 620 City Cruiser.


I'm starting off with a '73 PL620 that I purchased a bit less than a week ago. What I envision as a "City Cruiser" is a clean looking, low slung, good handling, quick truck that is good for utility purposes and gets good mpg's.


These are the updated pics of the pickup since getting it to my house. My plan right now it just to get it running and driveable around town until Christmas, at which point I will be installing a rebuilt L20 and 5 speed.







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Very nice!! What is under the hood now?? :D


Pretty much the same thing as in the bed, a factory rig. Cant wait to replace it.


I think it's a solid place to start, not perfect, but if it had been, I couldnt afford it.;)




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Convert some disc brakes onto it, static drop that to a respectable low height with some late model Nissan wheels and enjoy it.


Truck looks resonably straight too.




I havent looked much into the brake swap, but I will. I like the nissan wheels, but I would like something 8" wide, plus I cant seem to find nissan wheels round these parts.


Heres a crappy photoshop of the wheels im thinking of. Nothing special:


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**Oct 1st Update**


No pictures yet, but theres not a lot to photograph either. My friend rebuilt my factory carb for me, so this helps me to put off buying and installing a weber until the new drive train is to be installed in Dec. I bought some 4" DJM angled lowering blocks, and ordered a set of Toxic dropped shocks that may or may not arrive by Friday, which I hope to install by the weekend. My brakes need to be gone through, and I need new tires, and want new wheels.


Can anyone suggest wheels for me that might look good? I'd like 8's, but will settle for 7's. Im considering these in a 15x7 or 8, as they're a classic looking wheel, but dont know if they have enough character:


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Rims don't make the truck. Spend the money on brakes/suspension up grades. Get that L20B and convert it over to 5 spd. Maybe a Weber and L16 exhaust manifold and new pipes. Up-grade your alternator (you'll need it later) and replace those pathetic stock headlights.


You can't see or feel the rims when driving, but you sure can enjoy the ride, performance and handling with those other up grades. It already looks too good.

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It already looks too good.


You are too kind.


I know what you're saying, and you're 100% right, but heres my thinking, I need new tires, and I dont want to replace tires on the current, differing width wheels. I get a really good deal on wheels and tires from my old coworkers. Sooooo.. that why I'm gettin new stuffs.


I may be replacing the tranny soon with a 5 speed I have on hand since both 2nd and 3rd gear are painfully loud to hear in the cab. Suspension is done for now. Brake swaps are outta my league of skill right now.

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments.


DatDoug - I agree with what you're saying about stockers, and you should like what coming.;)


cg78 - Im on the opposite side of the valley from you in Bakersfield. My dash needs some love, what you're seeing is a very old formed dash cap, that is itself warped and cracked... but very shiny.

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