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Automatic to 5-speed swap (speedometer)


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I am enjoying my new 5 speed A LOT!


Noticed that the speedo is off, as well as the odometer. I put 14" wheels on prior to the swap, but i didn't notice any significant difference in the speedo/odo reading after that. However, after the tranny swap i notice the speedometer reads about 5 mph fast.


I used the speedo cable from my automatic tranny. I notice on RockAuto they have cables for the auto and for the 4-speed. No 5-speed listed, but my assumption is that the 4-speed would work.


Wanted to verify here...will the cable actually make a difference??



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Yeah mine is off by about 10%. If the speedo reads 60, I'm probably going 64-65 ish

Hmmm. If my speedo reads 60 i'm probably going about 55-56.


My odometer is reading short...Or in other words, it reaches one mile about 150 - 200 feet before the mile marker.

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Yeah mine is off by about 10%. If the speedo reads 60, I'm probably going 64-65 ish

MIne is the same way. I calibrated it with a GPS and it is almost exactly 10% off, but I run big tires on it so this is not unexpected.

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Pretty sure auto and standard pinions are not the same.


Exactly what 5 speed did you get> 60 series or 63A series?


You'll have to pull the one you have out and count the teeth or get the color of the plastic cog. To slow the speedometer cable down you will need a cog with more teeth on it.

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I'm not sure if the housing will swap but you should be able to drive the retaining pin out and swap the gears. Btw, you will lose fluid if you pull them out. If you jack the rear end up far enough it should be minimal.


I hope you're right but I have to say don't count on it.

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Yeah sorry! I'll go back to quietly lurking.


Speak up any time you have an idea or opinion. Even if wrong info gets shuffled around and someone learns something, maybe some kid in ten years will read this.

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