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  1. PineClone

    Max RPM's A-15 (no tach)

    Sorry, typo. A14, 5-speed dogleg with 14" wheels. I don't think i'll try taking it up to 98 mph in 3rd gear! But it sounds like its safe to drop it into 3rd to get around someone on a 2-lane highway.
  2. PineClone

    Max RPM's A-15 (no tach)

    That works if you assume all engines are the same.
  3. PineClone

    Max RPM's A-15 (no tach)

    Okay so i have a '78 B210 with a stock A14, 5 speed (converted from automatic), with no tachometer. If i'm doing 50 on the highway and i want to pass the car in front of me, can i drop it into 3rd? So maybe the better question is, since i have no tach, what is the safe max mph in 3rd gear? Thanks!
  4. PineClone

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    Canby newbie here. Some questions: - Is there a registration open somewhere yet? - Does the format of the event allow a person to drop in and out throughout the event? We will be staying with relatives in Salem, and would like to spend some time with them. - Plan is to drive from Wenatchee to Portland on friday and spend the night with friends there. Spend most of the day at Canby on saturday then head over to Salem mid-afternoon. - Drop back in on sunday morning on the way back home and hang for a bit. Thanks!
  5. PineClone

    Gutter trim

    My gutter trim came loose in a couple places, and it was inconsistently spaced between the top lip and the body of the car. So i made the mistake of gently removing all of it so that i could bend the edges back to where they belong. Now i can't get it back on. I'm probably going to use double-sided tape. Any other tips or tricks? Thanks!
  6. PineClone

    Suspension for dummies (B210)

    First, i know nothing about suspension, so i'm going to get the terminology wrong and so on and so forth. But i'm not sure where to start. Some of this (e.g. cutting springs) has been covered here and i can go re-locate that stuff if needed. Here's the deal for my '78 B210 2door sedan: - I want to lower the front end about an inch. - The front suspension is super spongy - The rear suspension is super solid. So much so that one time i tried to bounce the rear end by putting my body weight on the rear bumper with my knee, and it bent the bumper. There is very little give in the rear when you hit a bump. Questions are: - How much coil to cut off the front coils to lower and potentially stiffen the front end? - What basic shocks/strut configuration is recommended for a nice performing ride? I'm not racing this car, just driving it for fun. Doesn't need to be high end, but i'm not opposed to spending a little money to make it nice. - What is the cause of the rear end stiffness? Is this the leaf springs? Maybe that is how it is supposed to be. If so, fine. I could take it into a local shop and ask them, but i'm planning to do the work in my garage. Thanks in advance!
  7. PineClone

    Windshield seal replacement

    Thanks. I think i will go ahead and use an auto glass service do the install. I just need to come up with the seals. Just need to find the right supplier. Looking on ebay i see several options at various prices. Not sure who is reputable. And while i'm at it, i'm going to do the door seals. I'd also like to do the flat rubber "wiper" on the driver and passenger windows. So need a source on all of these (if one exists).
  8. PineClone

    Windshield seal replacement

    Hi all. I want to replace the front and rear windshield seals on my '78 B210 2-door sedan. First i need to purchase the seals, and i looks like they are available on ebay (i think). My question: What is the process for replacing the seals? Does the glass need to be completely pulled, or can the existing seals be pulled out, do some heavy cleaning, and then replace with new? Thanks.
  9. PineClone

    Rear Pop Out window seals

    I bought the seals that are listed earlier in this thread and they fit great. Problem is that they still leak air/water because the lever doesn't clamp tight enough. And i don't see any way to adjust them.
  10. PineClone


    That was during the Classy Chassis parade. Now i'm thinking i'll participate next year. And there are a lot better places here to drink beer in Wenatchee than The Buzz Inn Stakehouse (and casino). As an FYI, about 20 miles to the north, the stretch of Hwy 2 between Orondo and Waterville is called Pine Canyon. It is a steep and curvy road, and is supposedly the location of the original 240z commercial. I don't remember where i originally heard that.
  11. PineClone

    Whats the story on bumper ends?

    I need both front and rear. I live in Wenatchee, but have a friend headed to PDX this weekend and my father-in-law coming to Salem in August. That said, i have no idea what i'm getting into with regard to mods needed to make this work. I know this has been discussed at length in this forum, so will do some reading. What i do know is that scrapping the big bumpers is really the best option and needs to happen eventually.
  12. PineClone

    Whats the story on bumper ends?

    Okay dusting off this old topic. My hope was to replace my deteriorated bumper ends with something...Per this thread, 1990 Montero bumper ends will bolt on directly. I've given this a good try, and the only way to do it is to put them on upside down. That is a decent option, but frankly, they look like they are upside down. I think i've exhausted all options with the exception of getting small bumpers from overseas. That will be expensive and require some body work, but in the end will look a ton better than these beefy fireplace mantles that i have now. So, where do i start? I see a rear bumper on ebay for FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS, plus $100 shipping. I can make an offer...but before i do that, what is a reasonable price. $500 is way too much. And can i trust these guys from "Thessaloniki, Lalamaria, Greece? Here is the link.http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-B210-120Y-1974-78-model-rear-chrome-bumper-fits-sedan-/322419590876?hash=item4b11b486dc:g:2CIAAOSwax5YngWp&vxp=mtr
  13. PineClone

    ticking/snapping sound

    Spring means its time to take my datsun out from winter storage, and i'm remembering an issue from the Fall that i never was able to resolve. There is a ticking/snapping sound coming from the engine compartment. We can't pinpoint the location. It is not an exhaust leak, but it does resemble that sound. The best way i can describe it is that it is a sharp snap, like an electrical wire arcing, and the frequency increases and decreases with the RPMs. It used to be intermittent and would only show up on hot days. Now it is pretty frequent. Another clue...when the engine is hot, if i shut down the engine when it is making the ticking sound, and then start it up again a few minutes later, it will sometimes go "cough-cough-sputter-sputter" [rev it up and...] "POP...tick-tick-tick-tick..." The POP is not a backfire. My guess is a sticky lifter. Though i don't really even know how to address such a thing. And finally on the sticky lifter thought, i did add some magical marvel mystery wonder oil to the fuel last summer, and did so regularly. This seemed to address the issue for a short time, but then the ticking returned. May just be a coincidence. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks. -Scott
  14. PineClone

    Lowering my b210

    Let me see if i follow this...I have a stock B210. The rear suspension is hard as a rock. I once tried to bounce the rear end by pushing down on the bumper with my kneee...ended up denting the bumper. The front suspension is SUPER soft. I'd like to lower it about an inch. Based on what i remember from past threads on this topic, I thought you could cut some spring to achieve both a lower front and a stiffer ride. Is that not the case? Thanks much!
  15. Great info 5280...Just wanted to report on my experience with these Ameriseal window seals (for the rear pop-out windows). Similar to your report, it took some time to get the old surface cleaned up after removing the old brittle seals. Lots of black gunk underneath...I did the best i could and finally said "good enough!". The Ameriseal seals fit perfectly, and the black channel trim looks almost identical to the original. I bought mine through the local NAPA. Result: They look good, and block the road noise. Major improvement in that regard. However, water still leaks through to the inside, probably worse than it did before replacement. I think if the clamp could be adjusted to be tighter (i don't see any way to do that) it might make a difference. Not sure if anything else can be done.

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