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  1. I just so your thread on you B310, I was wondering if you still have that vehicle and if you do how is it holding up


    1. CWhip


      I had that car for a little over 10 yrs. Sold it just a few months ago and 2 days later the kid wrecked it. In the right hands that car was awesome. Very reliable with regular maintenance and very fun to drive. I tried to talk the kid out of the sale because he had never driven a manual but he wanted it anyway. 

  2. Are those enkies? If they are you'll need lugs with collars to center them.
  3. CWhip

    Honda powered?

    Don't you have the KA24DE in there already?
  4. Mine does the same thing. It's the contacts in the turn signal switch. I just turn them off then back on a couple times real fast.
  5. They pop up on FB every once in a while. Datsun Sunny B310 fan page
  6. CWhip

    80 210 coilover

    Hey Cooch, I've still got my stock setup with the lower perch cutoff if you want to experiment without cutting yours up. PM me if you're interested.
  7. Yup, that was me. I remember seeing what happened to your car. Sux! I've been working on my kid's Baja but I still drive my 210 everyday! I need to find a new transaxle for his car, then I can get back to spending money on MY car. I've done a little to it but not a whole lot. I've had a turbo sitting here just begging to be installed!
  8. I've hammered that H165 more than a few times and it's held up just fine fyi. Any questions, just ask.
  9. That's what I was thinking, just didn't know if they'd be worth it. Haven't seen anyone running them.
  10. Does anyone make those steering box braces here in the states? Only seen them on Japan or Australia sites.
  11. Will the heat from the turbo be an issue for the alt? Wiring?
  12. Been waiting a long time to see them finish that car! Thanks for the heads up. No spoilers!
  13. CWhip

    1980 210 engine

    Sounds like it might be time to adjust your valves.
  14. What part are you looking for? Sorry, I'm confused. The pinion gear itself or the housing? I used the housing from a 83 pickup and took the pinion gear out of the electronic sender from the ka. To remove the pinion just bust the rear of the sender off, it's just full of epoxy and copper wire (a lot of wire!) once you have it removed just drill and slot it to accept the speedo cable. Mated up perfect for me and is reading speed just fine. Checked it per gps and it's right on.
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