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Introducing myself

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As it's polite to introduce one self, here's my introduction to the Ratsun squad


As a young gamer I never cared about cars. All they where good for where the commutes to holidays, work, etc. Standard Point A to Point B kinda guy. I liked SOME cars, but overall I couldn't give a shit about them.


That all changed when my older brother bought his first car and modified it. He bought a Renault Megane Coupe and made it a show car. Being a young guy with a pretty good payed job and too much creativity, he built one of the more known show cars in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg). It may not be everyone's taste but here it a pic for those interested:



I was sold after seeing him working on the car, going to meets and all the positive reactions. This is what I wanted too!


I got hooked on the whole tupperware stuff for a while, mostly because a lot of "tuners" in the Netherlands have the optical styling as a first thing on their car. Most of the time, the engines are pretty lame and stock, although there are some show cars who do it right in and out. As I got older, the JDM and "stance" scene came up some more, and I fell in love with imports: lightweight, nimble, quick and most of all: reliable.  My brother got into the JDM import game as well when he sold the Megane Coupe for this beast:




which he later wrapped to look like Barricade from Transformers:


The wheels have been painted matte black for now, also the car has some mild upgrades bringing the car to aprox. 280 bhp. He may want to go to the point of 500 bhp, but there are no plans at the time as he's mostly busy with a 1 year old toddler and his garden :)


When I turned 22 I got myself a Nissan March K10 to get me from point a to point b and I wanted to dump the car to the ground on some nice wheels and get the entire car in satin black. A stone blew a hole in the radiator and while the car was just 700 euro's, it wasn't a great base of a car to go spend some wild money on it to get it fixed and good looking:


auto-x on a deserted parking lot haha, fun times...




Why did I join Ratsun? Of course not to tell about my brothers megane/skyline or my old k10. 


I am constantly looking for a Datsun 280Z AND a 510. While they are old cars they have a certain character that a lot of new cars miss. As the economy makes it hard for me to get a job next to my full time education, I'm afraid the 510 and 280Z won't come in as fast as I would have wanted them to be, but there's little we can do about that now.. Fortunately for me, my girlfriend is a car nut as well and when I showed her some pics of some nice 510's and 280z's, she was hooked and we promised each other to work on the cars once we live together. Happy me!


In the meanwhile, as a daily commuter, I'm still looking for a nice economic car which I can make to look good enough not to be laughed at (lol...) and to keep the cost on modifying rather low, I'm looking for a March K11. It's known as a girly car here, but my intention is to make it look like this (but in black) :




My purpose on the forum is to learn a lot from you guys, and when I get my 280Z / 510 I will definitely post a thread for you to follow, advice etc. All I know for now is that the Z will get the original interior done, deep black paint, good looking Work wheels, gets lowered with fender mirrors and the ZX rear window attachment. For the 510, I might rat it with a SR20DET and probably drift it. 

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I laughed pretty hard reading this. Looking at the pictures, theres three badass looking cars in a row and then youre like check out this March :rofl:





Welcome to the site. If you really do buy a March, itll be an interesting build Ill be sure to follow. Hopefully you can pick up a Datsun at some point too. 

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wow, thanks guys for the positive comments on the intro, i always introduce myself this way instad of "male, 23 years old, here to check some posts" haha. I think it's good to know the background of a person in order to judge ones actions the best :) me being a kid with all of a sudden a post on "i want a 280z with a rb26dett" can make some people think "why that car with that engine at your age" etc. again thanks! 



And yeah, the March shout out is pretty funny compared to the skyline haha. I have to say I was looking to get an EK3 Civic for more power, but more power = more costs, plus the Civic has a lot more aftermarket support, which means more money goes to getting a Civic good looking with some decent power, and less money to a proper Datsun haha.


By the way, the March will (probably, never say never) not be a 200 bhp car, more a daily commuter which just looks better than how it usually looks here. My girlfriend is saving up for a VW Golf 4 so at least one of us has a decent car for transporting stuff and people :D 


Again, I hope (I probably will) learn alot from you guys, so thanks in forward!

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thanks again for the great welcome guys!


Yeah we went to a meet yesterday from a new platform here in The Netherlands (it's in english so if you like to, please check it out and even though she wanted to build a car eventually (Evo 6), she was hooked on some beginner cars hahaha as she just got her license 2 months ago or something like that. We are pretty much looking for some fun, light, easy with insurance cars like a Civic EK3 or VW Lupo. For those who are interested, I am making a clip on the meeting asap, and it will be on the platform! I think it's ready in about 4 days or so. 

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