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New Datsun Logos

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Hey everyone, I just thought I would share here since some might appreciate it. 


I am a graphic designer by profession, and in my current career state I have a little bit of free time. 


To be honest, when I saw the new Datsun logo I wanted to scream at something. It looked as bland as a stale cracker. So, with some spare time, I had some fun doing my thing. I have created a new Datsun logo as well as my own iteration of the "Supersonic" tail light badge. I even took it a bit further and made some working 3D Models of them. 


Anyways, here is the link. I am not sure If I will be attempting to put these designs into reality on anything ( T shirts, stickers, actual badges). But hell, you never know. I would not be surprised to see one on my own race car at some point in time though. 


The link ( If you like, please hit the appreciate at the bottom!)




Thanks for looking!

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