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  1. Jdm720

    little more fun

    Swap in that KA you want, keep smog equipment if you're concerned. Talk to someone associated with the Bureau of Automotive Repair for details before you do it, though. Do it by the book, and you should be good. Have a more powerful and efficient engine. That's more fun, right..?
  2. Jdm720

    Me n' my 720...

    I'll send you a PM with contact info. And I actually do have a spare solid rear for a shortbed sitting in my shop (single cab..?), lucky you. Didn't even know about it, haven't kept up on events lately.. PM'd
  3. Jdm720

    Me n' my 720...

    I've been good, just neglected this for a while as other things happened.. And laziness. But it's back under the knife. How 'bout yourself..? I do actually. Got the blue one that came with the truck, too. Just the wheels and buttons, though. I sold the hub.
  4. Jdm720

    Me n' my 720...

    Finally got going on this. (head is just sitting on block) I'll be getting some pistons soon, then it's off to the machine shop to get bored out. Also will be doing some head work, etc, etc... You know, all that good stuff.
  5. Jdm720

    Me n' my 720...

    Thanks for the update..
  6. Jdm720

    Me n' my 720...

    Thanks! Even a regular 24mm will fit a tad loose (Snap-on's flank drive wrenches would probably work great in this case), so it is a good idea to spray some penetrating oil on it periodically a day or two ahead of the removal attempt. That's how it was done when the exhaust manifold was swapped on my old ST. And those larger wrenches from HF will get the job done, but a heads up for anyone else unaware, don't go cheap on the normal size wrenches (typically 8-19mm). At least craftsman professional for the frequent gearhead..
  7. Jdm720

    Me n' my 720...

    Yes, garbage trucks. You know what they smell like though..? They smell like money. B) We've got a bunch of bays, and they actually don't even smell too bad, even before we open the doors in the morning. Or maybe it's just grown on me.. Haven't seen maggots in months, we had them every few weeks in the summer. But the don't phase me, they're like little rice crispies that snap crackle and pop when you step on them :rofl:
  8. Jdm720

    Me n' my 720...

    Time for a so-so update, nothing too exciting. I've been busy, and when I'm not busy.. Lazy.. Got into a new place where I can down my truck as long as needed. So I've been picking away at it when I can. Pulling out the Z. We'll see what I throw in. I'm gonna handle the suspension, basically get the whole truck cleaned up and finally make some good progress now that I've got another daily. One crappy pic for now. More to come as it happens.
  9. I am.. I just don't know what I want..
  10. Oohhh sweet... I'm gonna have to think of something I want on my truck...
  11. I was looking at your pics. If you go lower, you may need to roll maybe pull the fenders for clearance or get some narrower tires OR get some rims with a higher offset. Not all rims will clear drop spindles, though, if you do decide to go that route. You basically just need to keep fitment in mind. No problemo. There's a wealth of knowledge here, you just gotta have some thick skin.
  12. If you just lowered it by the torsion bars up front, raise it back up. Then get some good drop spindles. This'll bring you down a couple inches while maintaining some ride comfort. If you do decide to go lower by adjusting the torsion bars, remember that having the drop spindles will keep a higher amount of suspension travel opposed to having the drop with torsion bars alone (at the same ride height). So you'll probably be bottoming out the truck before bottoming out the suspension if you go too low, pay a little more for "high performance" shocks and you can noticeably reduce this occurrence. Say goodbye to the exhaust pipe under the cab. You will hold up traffic at even smaller speed bumps. And if you do decide to just max out the torsion bar adjustment, hopefully you have insurance that'll cover chiropractic attention, and a connect on tires. As for the back, I have 4" blocks, and this along with the front has my frame crossmember under the cab 1 1/2-2" from the ground. Can't go much lower before cutting shit up. If the streets aren't falling apart in your area, it ain't too bad. I'm not into bags, but it may just be more practical if you want to "slam" your ride. EDIT: And like filthy said, notch it if you go any lower.
  13. Spend a couple hundred (more or less) on Rockauto and DIY. Not too hard. There are write-ups on here to help you out, too.
  14. I'd love to have some Nissan branded tools. Also anything Nismo, but with the old school block letters.
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