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Air Filter Re-Do


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I'm just about to sew up the refurbishment of the air filter housing for my 620 pickup. Got her painted and the trimmings put on in the past couple days. Thought I'd share a couple photos.







I looked around for a paint that would be close to the original color and couldn't turn up squat. I thought that pontiac engine paint might be close. I found a nice flat strip of paint on the underside that was very close to the best remaining areas inside the filter area and took it to my local PPG paint mixer and had it spectragraph scanned. When he ran it through the brain for a match, the only thing that came up was a colour for a Skoda (Czechoslovakian vehicle). Mixed me up a half pint and checked it out. It was close but he wasn't satisfied and tipped a squirt of a couple of the mix colors till he was satisfied.


I masked the strip of original paint which can be seen in the photo as I've bordered and labeled it for future reference. See what you think.


One thing that I could use is the sticker decal that was originally on the top cover. Kind of a little segement of a ring about 8" - 10" diameter. I could see the remains of the sticker and adhesive before I blasted her for painting. If anyone knows of a source for the sticker, I'd appreciate a heads up. I don't have enough posts yet to post a classified. Thanks for any feedback or info.



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I do not know of anyone reproducing the stock airbox sticker. There are a few of us that would like one though... did you happen to take a picture of the decal before you sandblasted it off? None of the Stateside pieces have had nice enough decals. 

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Tristin,<br />There was nothing to take a photo of. No detail was visable on the decal/sticker. Just a patch of adhesive and a little of the base material of the sticker. An arced segement of a ring about an inch wide and approximetely 2 1/2" long. Thinking back now, I should have took measurements of the remains.<br /><br />Mike, there were no stickers on the side of the housing. Could have been one at one time that came off??<br /><br />Steve

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I just can't seem to get the photo pasting right so that the photo shows up instead of the link to Photobucket, but here is a photo I found out there in which the air cleaner is in a bit worse shape than mine was. This one has left about what was left of mine though I was thinking that the sticker was about half the length as this one. I have oldtimer's memory.


I'll get the photo attaching down yet.



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