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Turbo FE in a RX-7

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Why would they choose an FE for a swap? Don't get me wrong, I have one in my flatbed, and it's a great motor. But it weighs like 700 lbs. And aftermarket parts are damn expensive. 


I'm sure it goes lt goes like a raped ape,

And a striped assed ape,

Hauls the mail,

Shakes like a dog shitten peach pits.


That's all I got.

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cause some people want to go in one direction fast and put a non manufacturer motor in their vehicles.


the FE is a great engine, is it a great engine to put in a sports car?


hell no. to each their own I guess, But I can say this. we have a fully built V8 drag 1st gen RX7 out here that goes to the illegals. and he gets smoked by a single cab duramax.


now granted the duramax has almost 1000 ft/lb of torque, but I am talking all the way down the quarter, the RX7 is trying to get more and just isnt getting anything. they cant develop traction with that type of torque cause theirs no weight.


just like the full on drag race trailored Datsun 510 with the big block in it, and wheelie bar,  yeah its kind of cool, but the R35 absolutely destroys it all day long without even trying out of the box.



I have videos of both of the events happening too, so to that argument there is little point to put a big ass motor in a small ass car.

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true!!!, perfect example of the conversive.


idk what Shelby had to do originally to fit that massive engine in the little AC, but somehow he ended up with 48/52 weight distribution and handed everyone their asses at the raceway.


but, its a bit harder with the way cars are designed these days, not impossible, just harder.



but lately, people are just putting big motors in small cars without actually making them go fast, what the hell?

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