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What Motor?

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I think this belongs in the Engine sub-forum. And im sure you can use the search button to look up others builds. or even a google search woth ratsun at the end. With that said it depends on your fab skills and budget. I have seen anywhere from built l motors, rotary's, ka's, Sr, ca18, v6, v8'. In a 620z it all depends on what you want it for.

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Damn near anything will fit.


Time, money, welder.



Your truck came with an L20B stock.

Z22. LZ22/23. KA are all easy, almost bolt-in options.


You could upgrade the L20B with all the non-smog parts and a big Weber carb.



Why do you want to change the motor?

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Probably just want's to replace it or there isn't one when he got it.


Easy...... L20B (or any L16 or L18)


Harder... any LZ combination because of all the parts to find and get together plus you pretty much have to machine the bores to an oversize. Where you might be able to find a running L20B you won't fils an LZ23 laying around.


Much harder.... Any KA/CA/SR (whatever) you will need another tranny or mod your 4 speed. It's EFI so good luck figuring out the wiring or buying some kind of control, you need a high pressure fuel pump, custom motor mounts, and oil pan. Bigger rad. Tools, experience, welding skills. This is by no means easy unless you have $3-$4K to grease it with..

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I think a KA is a perfect setup for a small pickup. Look at how successful Frontiers are, and they have *tall* gears - and are still peppy, with great gas mileage.
But... nothing will beat an L20b for all around value, and the fact that it's what belongs there (should be what you have, beings as how it's a '78).

I have a 79, which is going to be recieving my built L20B when I get enough money saved up to get her back together and enough time to put some elbow grease in the truck.

If I had the money to spare, and a decent place to work on it - I would most likely do a single-cam KA. Truck motor, truck trans, and whatever required to make it fit. But... it's not my first EFI swap so it'll be much easier for me than it will be for you, if you have to ask what would be a good engine in general.

For any beginner, I would start with a decent L20B. :)

Keep it semi stock, and she'll give you plenty of gusto and you'll get good gas mileage, too. If you have the ability, spend the money that it'll take to get a different 5 speed. My eyes are set on a 280zx 5 speed at the moment, or like Siqx20 has - a Z24 transmission with an L-series bell housing swap.

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