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320 Hubcaps. Reproductions anyone?


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320 Hubcaps. Reproductions anyone?

As these are "unobtainium", a few of the Seattle area truck brothers
are considering having them reproduced.
Folks who know the metal forming biz. say that "spinning" the simple shape
of the 320 cap would be easy. This is all VERY tentative at his point but we are
checking into the process and unit cost. These would be of stainless and exact copies but not as heavy. Using steel and then chroming would probably make them too expensive but we will check on it. I am estimating that most 320 owners would buy these at $50. $200 for a set of 4. Worth that or more to you?. Too much?

Let me know if your interested. I am thinking there must be at least 100  stock trucks that need caps (or is everyone running aftermarket wheels?)
and if we have enough interest and the unit cost is low enough (determined by how many we order) we will proceed with production.
This will be a multi month process so be patient.
If any of you know metal forming get in touch.




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If you want to make a quick return on your investment given that the customer market is limited, try to spin and punch or drill SPL310 [early 13 inch 1500 cc roadsters], and [they are the same] RL411 13 inch "porthole" wheel covers.  The antirotation clips might be a problem.  Who cares, I don't drive over 90 MPH anyway [at least now, several BMW 1600 and 2002 can testify that I can or did beat their butts, and I owned a BMW2002] . Before he was banned "he who name and or acronym shall not be repeated (no it was not God) " offered a complete 4 wheel set from Japan for $1600, which I believe he never got, but you can infer the rarity.


Click on my icon to see pictures of what I am talking about as regards the wheel covers.



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I run into this from time to time, and metal forming can be very expensive. I have never inquired about spinning, but I have gotten quotes for stamping. A set of dies for this simple hubcap would probably run into the 10's of thousands. If you guys need a manufacturer capable of tackling such a project (ie- if you're serious), let me know, I can pass along some info.

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