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  1. 66Fairlady

    dash color

    1962-64 320 truck dashes were the same color as the body. 1965 320 truck dashes were brown, Not a smooth surface but flat or slightly textured.
  2. Wayno, I have those pieces on my 320 wing window frames. Also the roadsters have a similar piece.
  3. The standard 320 trucks use the doors from the 310-312 Bluebird sedans.
  4. Bshot, better buy that kit from Wayno. They are NLA. As the repair kits for the old Nikki carbs disappear many have found that the new J15 carbs from China work good. Cheap and fit the E1 J13 motors. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Carburetor-fit-for-Nissan-J15-Cabstar-Datsun-pick-up-Homer-Hommy/222440474786?fits=Make%3ADatsun&hash=item33ca7c48a2:g:M3gAAOSwWeJbhQVU:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!98008!US!-1&autorefresh=true
  5. That number is for the clutch and brake pedal pads. Gas pedal pad is glued on. Cut a rubber piece from a similar thick/pattern donor mat.
  6. Wayno. A couple of corrections. The 320 and 63-67 roadster inside door handles look the same but they mount differently and will not interchange. The 320 handles have a square receiver and roadster handles have"modern" splined receivers. The 63-67 roadster inside door pulls and outside door handles are the same as 320. The 320 truck wing window latches came in 2 variations. One latches to the rear wing window upright and the other to the bottom wing window frame. This type of change you do not notice unless you had about 12 320 doors from all years, as i once did.?. Ted
  7. I have new 320 windshields. $400. Pickup in Bellevue WA only.
  8. I have extra 320 cross members if you need one. Wayno, This is a 64 truck and came with a column shift. You can see the cut off shift column in the engine room picture! The trans cover in the picture is for the column shift trans. A PO has cut a hole in it for a floor shift trans. Jacob, you said in your first post that advise was appreciated. Do not be offended but this truck has really been abused and is best considered a parts 320 There are 100's more hours of work than you anticipate. Start on a more complete one. You will get discouraged trying to get this one back to life. Ted.
  9. Can not PM you. Ratsun says you can not receive PMs. I am interested in the 320 parts. You can contact me at tcheaton@hotmail.com Thanks, Ted
  10. YES, Stock 320 sun visors, Pictures show a plain plastic visor that mounts differently on the early 320 trucks.
  11. Just heard from Willy, the seller, that the parts are gone. He was going to put them on eBay but must have gotten an acceptable offer for the lot. Anyone here get them? Ted
  12. Here is a write up for the procedure on NICO. http://datsunforum.com/datsun-320-truck-water-temp-gauge-adjustment/ There are two adjustment holes on each gauge. The one indicated adjusts the needle in the hot position. What you are turning inside the gauge is like a rheostat to change resistance. Same concept applies to the gas gauge. The other hole is to adjust the set point where the needle rests when you turn the key off. Really of not much concern and I have not tried it.
  13. Nice clean up job Eddy. Glad the sender was repairable. Tank inside as clean as it seemed? The early 60's temp and fuel gauges are adjustable from the back. You can adjust the needle to sit at the full mark when the tank is full.
  14. Reproduction NL (N) 320 tail light lenses are back on Ebay. This seller made these in the past and he said he was going to make them again so he probably has more than 1 pair. These were problems before with bubbles in the plastic but this set looks clear He has reproduced the front round clear signal lenses. Just the lens and not the chrome ring and the 64 wedge shaped orange signal lenses. He might still have them available. http://www.ebay.com/itm/272000942593?item=272000942593&viewitem=&vxp=mtr Ted
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