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  1. 66Fairlady

    New 320 owner, 62?

    I have new 320 windshields. $400. Pickup in Bellevue WA only.
  2. 66Fairlady

    64' Datsun 320 Field Find

    I have extra 320 cross members if you need one. Wayno, This is a 64 truck and came with a column shift. You can see the cut off shift column in the engine room picture! The trans cover in the picture is for the column shift trans. A PO has cut a hole in it for a floor shift trans. Jacob, you said in your first post that advise was appreciated. Do not be offended but this truck has really been abused and is best considered a parts 320 There are 100's more hours of work than you anticipate. Start on a more complete one. You will get discouraged trying to get this one back to life. Ted.
  3. 66Fairlady

    320 parts in Hawaii.

    Can not PM you. Ratsun says you can not receive PMs. I am interested in the 320 parts. You can contact me at tcheaton@hotmail.com Thanks, Ted
  4. 66Fairlady

    Pulling my L320 from mothballs

    YES, Stock 320 sun visors, Pictures show a plain plastic visor that mounts differently on the early 320 trucks.
  5. 66Fairlady

    320 parts in Hawaii.

    Just heard from Willy, the seller, that the parts are gone. He was going to put them on eBay but must have gotten an acceptable offer for the lot. Anyone here get them? Ted
  6. 66Fairlady

    320 Gas tank Sending Unit Clean Up & Test

    Here is a write up for the procedure on NICO. http://datsunforum.com/datsun-320-truck-water-temp-gauge-adjustment/ There are two adjustment holes on each gauge. The one indicated adjusts the needle in the hot position. What you are turning inside the gauge is like a rheostat to change resistance. Same concept applies to the gas gauge. The other hole is to adjust the set point where the needle rests when you turn the key off. Really of not much concern and I have not tried it.
  7. 66Fairlady

    320 Gas tank Sending Unit Clean Up & Test

    Nice clean up job Eddy. Glad the sender was repairable. Tank inside as clean as it seemed? The early 60's temp and fuel gauges are adjustable from the back. You can adjust the needle to sit at the full mark when the tank is full.
  8. 66Fairlady

    320 owners manual

    320 owners manual questions. Anyone have a 320 owners manual?. Did the N U and V 320 models have their own manuals or were they covered in the standard 320 manual? I would like to borrow a good manual and have quality reproductions made by a printer and make these available for cost to 320 owners. If there was a separate NL320 manual I would love to have one to copy. Extra free reproductions for the manual provider. A Japanese or other non English version would also be great. Ted.
  9. 66Fairlady

    Reproduction NL (N) 320 tail light lenses

    Reproduction NL (N) 320 tail light lenses are back on Ebay. This seller made these in the past and he said he was going to make them again so he probably has more than 1 pair. These were problems before with bubbles in the plastic but this set looks clear He has reproduced the front round clear signal lenses. Just the lens and not the chrome ring and the 64 wedge shaped orange signal lenses. He might still have them available. http://www.ebay.com/itm/272000942593?item=272000942593&viewitem=&vxp=mtr Ted
  10. 66Fairlady

    320 Hubcap Reproduction

    Hi Fellow 320 truck owners. Determining the feasibility of reproducing 320 Hubcaps. Joe E and I have finally had time to pursue the reproduction of 320 hubcaps. We have estimates from fabricating and chrome shops for forming them from steel on a mold and doing quality chroming. The bottom line is about $400 for a set of 4 if we have 25 sets made. End cost will include a share of expenses and shipping . Probably abut $425 total. More for OZ shipping. At a $100 a piece it is cheaper than chroming your old ones ( if you have any). They are most often scratched, pitted and rusted, requiring a lot of prep work. Usual $150 and up. IF there is enough interest at $100 each ( could be less or more mainly depending on the quality of the raw steel surface that goes to the chrome shop) I am willing to finance the production of 100. I would do this as a service to the 320 community and the price would just reflect costs. BUT being an old guy and not born yesterday and aware of our reputation for "penuriousness" I would need serious commitments for purchase of 25 sets. Serious is not "I want" but a substantial $ deposit. We will get other plating quotes and it may reduce the price. If there is not sufficient interest that is no problem. If any of you have experience in this kind of reproduction and can get it done cheaper,please let me know. IF you are interested please respond on this post to show us all the level of interest. IF 25 or more sets are requested I will finalize the costs and collect deposits before proceeding with production. You can contact me directly at tcheaton@hotmail.com Ted.
  11. 66Fairlady

    320 Hubcap Reproduction

    The proposed reproduction of 320 hubcaps is abandoned. There is insufficient interest at the price of $100 a cap. Ted.
  12. 66Fairlady

    1960 PLG-221 info sought

    THANKS, As a local truck brother would say "VERY interesting" The bottom line "CAR NO" is the real identifier. It is hard to read at the angle but it looks like "LG221-9 and that should match the vin # stamped on the frame. LG221 is the model and "9" is the year of production BUT somehow LG220 was stamped on the top "type" line.. The "model for year" is stamped 1959 and matches the 9 in the "car no". The remainder of the "car no" is a sequential production #. with the first digit being a sub type code if needed. For example a NL320 will have a "6" as the first digit. I can not make out what it is in the picture. Sometimes there is a letter stamped after the digits. We have not determined what it signifies. I do not see one on your tag. SO Looks like you have a 1959 221 truck. It is in very nice condition. Also, what is the engine #?. It looks like a only 2 digits at the end!. An amazingly early "C" motor.? Does the truck have the original motor with that #? BTY, I have a NOS front bumper guard that might fit. I can not identify it but it looks the same. If you need it send me a variety of measurements that I can compare to mine. Contact me directly at tcheaton@hotmail.com Ted.
  13. 66Fairlady

    1960 PLG-221 info sought

    Scifiguy30, It looks like your truck is a 221 model with the round front marker lights and 221 hubcaps. But maybe these lights were on export 220s Do you have a picture of the VIN tag? If so, please post it. The 220 was a 1958 model but there are many examples of a different year stamped on the vin tags. Always interesting to learn about these early Trucks. Thanks, Ted
  14. 66Fairlady

    New to the forum..need parts for my L320 project

    I have some of the parts you need. 60 HP emblems, 1200 emblem, side trim, correct steering wheel (rough), Ash tray. I have a column shift trans cover. Not the same as you need but may be a piece to start with as the edge layout is the same. FYI, the door pull handles are mounted upside down. Contact me directly at tcheaton@hotmail.com. Ted.
  15. 66Fairlady

    Tmack's L320

    I have used 320 windshields. $200+ depending on condition. Local pick up only. Bellevue WA. Contact me at tcheaton@hotmail.com
  16. 66Fairlady

    Complete Guide to the Datsun 320 by Alan Bent

    Hi Greg, Still need one? Email me your address and I will mail you a copy. Ted tcheaton@hotmail.com
  17. 66Fairlady

    Exhaust/intake manifold gaskets

    I would advise using a J13 exhaust manifold instead of modifying the E1 manifold. The J13 manifold comes with a "real" flange to the exhaust pipe. It is claimed that most of the extra J13 7 HP comes from the better flowing manifold. Ted.
  18. 66Fairlady

    Fuel pump

    You can remove it and cover the hole with a plate. You will not break anything.
  19. 66Fairlady

    320 Truck Glass

    Hi Eddie, I have used front,back and door 320 glass. Contact me directly at tcheaton@hotmail.com Ted. Bellevue WA.
  20. 66Fairlady

    I need a 320 cab and doors

    I have L320 doors for sale. L320 and NL320 cab and doors are different. $30-$120, depending on how complete you need them. Ted Bellevue, WA .
  21. 66Fairlady

    1963 datsun nl320 for sale pittsburgh pa area

    I have discussed the truck and price with Josh. It is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay BUT the truck is sound without too many mods and should be worth at least $6k at this time. And a good deal at that price! If mine, I would not sell it for less. Location is a problem as most buyers are on the West coast. At least $1500 in transport cost to CA. They are increasing in value. Get one now! The last 2 recent equivalent NL320s went for $5K and $6K. Ted.
  22. 66Fairlady

    1963/64 1200 Sport Truck Survivor for Christmas

    Hi Steve, So you were the Ebay buyer, You got a good deal. It should have gone for $6K+. As others suggest, do NOT change the shift. This is a common 320 new owner disease but it will pass in a few weeks.. The Column shift makes the 320 unique. It is a 63 so keep the current correct grille. The radio was an option. The dealer installed what they had available so you see a variety of brands. I have spare parts for sale so let me know what you need. I have the crank nut, tailgate emblem, speedometer, hood trim and a Left NL door stainless trim spear. Ted.
  23. 66Fairlady

    1964 NL320 For Sale in the Classifieds

    Sold to one of the many roadster owners who are getting into the old trucks. A proper new Truck Brother who will restore it to stock condition . Better than slamming it to the ground. No offense to you guys who do that, but it is not to my liking. Values of NL320's are going up. Better get one while you can. Maybe Wayno will sell his! Ted
  24. Hi Guys. I am the "List Meister" for 2 Datsun groups in the Puget Sound area. These are Email lists of Datsun roadster and truck owners. Not organized clubs. DROPS. Datsun Roadsters Owners of Puget Sound. Currently 90 list members. Truck Brothers. Puget Sound Datsun 320 520 and 521 truck owners. Currently 17 list members with 8! NL320s among us!. Lots of knowledge,help, parts, etc from these folks but we are more reserved than the Ratsun crowd. If your in the area (or close) and want to join up, let me know with info and pics of your vehicles (email me directly). These are not open groups and I vet those who want to join. But I let Wayne in both lists so the standards are not very high! HaHa. Ted Heaton tcheaton@hotmail.com

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