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67 1600 restored, Ecotech

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I was at our local car show this week, and I saw one of the most beautifully restored 1600's i have ever seen. everything was flawless almost all the wood was restored, everything perfect. And it had a Chevrolet Ecotech I-4 out of a saturn sky in it, not sure of the tranny. then to top it off it has a spectre plastic intake piping that was coupled into a U by 90 degree couplers.


you can find the car on youtube, search datsun 1600 ecotech.



kind of curious about what ya'lls opinions are on the car.

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He probably priced the parts to fix / or find the original drivetrain and said  " why not"  .  But by the only video you posted ,,, maybe he spent alll that money just to put that shiny aluminum tube on the intake,,, cuz chicks seem to dig it.

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the real question is "but why?" it would seem there is no advantage here other than saying "my roadster has an ecotech", honestly to me it seems pretty ass backwards, but o......k........


but the spectre intake piping just tops the cake!



The ecotech makes more power reliably and with more gas milage then the 1.6L (its making about 200hp according to info on 311s.org) You can't get that out of a R16 and it remain turn key.


I've seen mostly just engine swaps on roadsters, only a rare few have done other mods to it.. this is why I'm updating mine with a tube frame.

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yea i was gonna say, are you about to try and argue the ecotech is better than ANY honda motor of the last 15 years? i mean your joking right? im gonna just assume so.


if you can name a better I-4 nissan ever made than the K-series, ill give you $10, not even joking around.


im waiting for a k20a2 to be shoehorned into one of these. mated to a s2000 tranny,

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im not dogging engine swapping in roadsters, i just wonder why a chevy ecotech. i would have sr16'd that thing in a second, or sr20 or ca18, or k20, but an ecotech? yea it makes more hp but, uh, yeah

have you ever driven a car with that kind of power to weight ratio?

ecotech swap can be found for cheep fi . why not

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I will stand behind the otter with a "meh." It takes a lot for me to really enjoy a roadster. Its a clean car for sure, but what makes it special over all the other roadsters? I really wish people werent afraid to actually modify a roadster. 

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