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l16 4-2 exaust manifold differences.


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So I got a new 4-2 l16 exaust manifold.

But this one is different, it looks the same externally, but the whole inside is hollow. Ans in the 2 outlets are not seperated in any way.... what gives? Ive heard of this recently, but I the seperated runner one.

But I cant say that the last one was actuly divided inside.

So my questions are.

1. Do all 4 runners come together and then seperate into 2 at the flange on all 4-2 manis?

2. The ones, where exaust port 1and4 join, and 2and3 join, what did they come on(I think thats how my old one was) apposed to the one I just got, where they all come to gether, then have 2 pipes out at the flange. (Wich makes no sense to me)

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Lol, yeah i was all "why would they do that?" Lol, now i got this one... damn.

Like I said im looking for the first one, I have the second one, anyone know the source for them? Or what the second one is and why they have 2 outs at the flange when they all are joined in the mani?

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I have two of them for sale....the good ones that is.And someone e-mailed me about one and i lost their e-mail.http://community.ratsun.net/topic/53138-early-factory-headermanifold-down-pipe/

actuly thats the one that I have and dont want. Take a peak up the butt holes of that thing, its all open.

Both are finned, but the one I want has fins up top, not top and bottom,

They both have 2 holes at the flange, but yours and mine all join together inside. So its not a 4 into 2 mani..... its a 4 into 1 into 2 with a 2 into one down pipe.... as jacob called it lol

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This is the real into 2 manifold z train.

Ok this is the one im looking for, you can see here both the outbound runners are separate.20130330_203707_zps113408f0.jpg

And here you se what I meen about #1 and #4 joining, and 2#3 joining.20130330_203702_zps9f957aaa.jpg

The ribs and what not. IMG959688_zpse67619cb.jpg

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And this is what I see in your link z train, a 4 into 1 with 2 holes in a common flange.

Not what I need but thank you.

This one I just got, all 4 cylinders come together and separate at the flange.20130410_212447_zps80af3350.jpg

And from the back, they all come together.20130410_212349_zps345f8edf.jpg

From the front.20130410_212601_zpsb71ff14e.jpg

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The ones that are joined are later ones and probably split again just so it will fit the dual down pipes. The fins are for carb warming air and there is a sheet metal baffle that bolts on but they have long rusted away.

Bad on top and good below.




From the outside you can see the two outlet pipe shapes flow upward and split 1/4 and 2/3. As the firing order is 1342 this manifold pairs a firing cylinder the furthese away from the next to fire.




Here on this later L18 manifold you can see no separation just above the two outlets. It's just a collector for all 4 pipes.



The L20B exhausts are worse.  .

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Went and checked mine....





It was supposed to be an L16. So it looks like later L18 manifolds are not separated inside. Still better than a header but not as good as the L16 ones. I never noticed the difference as I don't have one. Well good to know.


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