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  1. Thanks I will keep that in mind, it's hard to believe that anyone would try to drive over those speedbumps through the mexican border in my car. and if they trailer it they would have to go through secondary inspection... Not to mention the car essentially runs an open header and sticks out like a sore pimple >.>
  2. :( Car got stolen this morning around 6:30... If anyone see's any 610 parts for sale that might look like they may be from my car please pm me. Will update if found...
  3. Finding brand new struts would be extremely difficult, just find junkyard assemblies or from a private seller and rebuild them. Bearings/seals/grease/shock inserts. All very easy things to replace. also you don't need the spring, spring perch, top hats from the 280zx assembly... You replace those with your 610 springs and top hats or go with adjustable coilovers... You could find "new" brake calipers but most of the time they are cheap china units that don't look or perform as well as oem units
  4. Like the idea of a CA and better suspension, if you do plan to go with a bigger powerplant then 280zx struts and slap some coilovers on it. With this route don't cheap out on rear brakes. Go disc in the rear or if you can't afford it at least get some new shoes with 240z finned drums.
  5. Wow if I hadn't just picked up a set of red Didn't know they made these with the orange centers....
  6. Paint has been holding up fairly well, need to polish and delete a few more things
  7. Lol cool! I have seen that guy walk by once; I remember his dog XD
  8. I used carriage bolts when I removed my bumper over-riders, this is a sweet deal though for those extra holes though. Good info
  9. Pictures are needed 73 74-75 76
  10. If even re-pro stuff was available...
  11. Yup http://www.ebay.com/itm/DATSUN-LYNX-SIDEDRAFT-WEBER-DCOE-CARB-MANIFOLD-L16-L18-L20B-510-SSS-180B-STANZA-/330782833537?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4d04317b81
  12. Even at stock height and those hubcaps... Nicest goon I have seen
  13. Pics when they arrive? :sweat:
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