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Am i a creepy stalker?


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On the way to work this morning i did a double-take when i saw a very 210-like vehicle on the road several cars ahead of me. I go past my normal turn and follow the guy a couple extra blocks and he turns into a convenience store. It was this EXACT car...same stripes same hubcaps. 


By the time i get parked, he's out of the car and into the store. I admired the car for a minute...a bit beat up but still decent...Then it occurs to me that this is all very weird. So i took off.


It was kind of like when a dog sees another dog...i got a little excited i guess. This is the first 210 i've seen in my town other than my own.

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You can't deny who you are. It's time to open the closet door and embrace your weirdness. Take the chance and chat the owner up about his car. Hell he's probably like you.



I was driving through town 4 or 5 years ago.... not really paying attention to anything just commuting along on an ordinary day. Several cars ahead coming towards me is this car... I just glance at it and then on from side to side watching traffic, driving.... but this nagging little itch forms in my head. Something..something.... is...just not.... right. I glance again as it's closer, maybe half a block and I see now that it has round headlights  which is odd today but I figure it's some old Acura or whatever and glance away again. Now it's closer and it's definitely not what I thought and it's old style, christ that's familiar, what is it? Toyota? Damn think!!!! Where have you seen this? better yet when have you seen this? It's one car away and pictures of old jap tin are flicking in my head like fingerprints looking for a hit on CSI Miami. Right beside me, it's a goon and I glimpse the small Datsun emblem on the rear quarter!!! Yessssss!!!


Took me a block to get turned around but I chased down the street and saw a pale yellow goon in the liquor store parking lot.Waited for the owner to come out and chatted with him for over half an hour. Over the next six months we kept in touch and when he passed I still visited his wife. Eventually when she was ready to sell I made her a generous offer and bought it.

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The stalker becomes the stalked....I am headed to my car after a kids soccer game and this guy is standing by my car. He's an older hispanic guy and with broken english who tells me he has a '77 B210. I said, "The orange one??"  YEP!


Guy says he bought the car for $500 from a kid who delivered pizzas with it. Then gave it to his own kid who also delivered pizzas in it. Now he drives it and has been from Washington state to Mexico and back several times. Was really excited to make the connection with another B210 owner. Wants me to chase him down next time i see him driving around town so he can show it to me. 


I will get pics!

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