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Electric fuel pump and regulator recomendations for Mikuni's

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I am purchasing stuff for my KA swap and I am wondering what fuel pumps and regulators people are running for Mikuni's/Webers? I have 44mm Mikuni's on a KA24de...so what should I spend my hard earned money on?

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Duke, I have a carter low pressure high volume pump and a used reg. off of Troys racecar prolly a Holly reg. set at ~ 3-5 psi range




that is the standard equipment to use on side drafts, works like a charm


set the fuel pressure to 3 psi


have fun


parts available at summitracing

carter pump,# P4070-$71.95

Holley FPR, # HLY-12-804 - $27.95

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Thanks for the reply's guys. Looks like the Carter is the way to go.


I used a stock fuel pump with no regulator for my triple webbers on my Z and it worked just fine. If you go pay for a electric pump and regulator you are just wasting money.


I'm putting the carbs on a KA24de. It doesn't have provisions for a mechanical fuel pump.

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Why can't you just run the return line?? wouldn't that keep the pressure low?
Pressure would be zero... unless you have some kind of regulator on it.


The nice thing about electric fuel pump is it starts right away even after sitting for a couple of weeks. With a mechanical pump, you have to crank, crank, crank the engine to fill the fuel bowl.


Plus it makes it easy to pump off a quart of gasoline (say to refill the lawn mower) should you need it.



Mikuni PHH information

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