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My Latest Shopping List!

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PL510 sedan:


-Looking for rear drivers side door. Must be straight. I don't need glass or anything. Stainless vertical trim.

-Looking for floor shift auto trans and console.

-Pair of aftermarket seats, black or dark color.

-69 dash switches

-69 ignition switch/lock/mount

-69 steering column cover

-69 turn signal switch

-MR2 front strut inserts or similar, in good shape. Can trade KYB's (280zx inserts)

-3 window cranks

-1 inside door latch handles

-Front driver side door card in very good shape(see pic for pattern). No speaker holes.

-Manual pop-up sunroof






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Can you send or post some pictures? I'd be interested.


What do you use to pull the window at the yard? I've got a few here but never removed or installed glass before. I might back-burner this for a bit longer.

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I have a 720 windshield. Good condition.  Already pulled, needs someone to buy it.


Had eagle adam get it for me a while back. I paid 40.  Sell it for 20, located Seaside, OR


I'm interested! Do you ever make it over to Portland?


So which is it? Wagon or sedan? I have some wagon stuff.


Not wagon stuff. I've got 4 straight doors on my wagon.

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^^ Draker


When were you thinking? I actually need to get my ass to vancouver to get some parts from RedBanner. I normally work until 5 every day. but after that its about a two hour drive to vancouver.  This friday/saturday/sunday im booked up. but can possibly come down during the week sometime.

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I'm not in a rush. I just spent the last 3 weekends up in Portland. Not sure if it's possible but if you could drop it with someone in Portland I could pick it up next time I'm up. Of course I'd pay for it first.

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