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  1. I may be way off here but those sure look like 2 door rear panels. the fact that they don't have door pull or latch handle holes and the little front facing point at the bottom is just like a 2 door rear panels. Just say'en.
  2. What kind of shape is it in, would you be interested in loaning me the upper bar? PM me some pics and maybe we can work out a deal to replace that cracked bezel.
  3. Thanks Dan but no, I'd like to avoid that whole "copy of a copy" thing and besides I've already tooled on that part so it wont be a complete blank unit. unfortunately I need an original factory piece.
  4. Hey all, yeah laecaon is right I got a promotion at work some time back and have been assholes and elbows ever since. not to mention I was experimenting with an epoxy based resin and totally F'd up my upper cross bar mold. I haven't had the time to track down any one with a good piece I can barrow to make another. I would be willing to work out a deal with someone that could hook me up. I just need the stainless top bar in really good shape for a couple of days to make a copy.
  5. Come on superstar... when you take as meany awards home as you did you have to at least post your pics! running out of wall space yet?
  6. DAM! Mr B, I'm totally jealous I could not fined anyone up here that would chrome plastic for me. That looks amazing!
  7. I'll be making Blue Lake this year and I like the idea of bombing down to Red Door after that, sounds like fun.
  8. Thanks man! I'm glad you like them. Just be careful not to over tighten the grill badge when you put it on.
  9. That was fast, FedEx must have you on the "Nice" list. Be sure to post pics when you get it on the car. FYI, be careful not to over tighten any of the fasteners, the nylock nuts are fine with just snug they wont come undone. Although you may want to resnug them after a few heat cycles.
  10. I used an automotive grade chrome vinyl wrap, it took several hours to get it to conform to the tight bends of such a small part but I think it should hold up fine out in the elements.
  11. Looks good Dan, Heres the one I made for my car.
  12. I wish I had seen this a few days ago, If you have a PCV in the intake mani without the hose to the block connected it will tick like that. I went through the same thing on mine. Felt real dumb when I finely figured it out.
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