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i have acesses to a 89 ka24 out of a 240sx. free of charge. are they any good? would that it be good for off roading? an lookin for info on motor mount an wirin into a 620. thanks jason


It would be perfect for offroading, that's why nissan ran it in their 4wd pickups for so long. Very torquey motor! Had one in my '97 hb with 33x12.5's on it and it was very powerful.

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so i used the seach thingy. should i ditch the block an save the rest an search fr a car block? an that wiring diagram simplfies that so much. thanks icehouse. if i stick with the car block what tranny would be recomended? it has an automatic bolted to it right now. i hopefuly will be going to pull the motor out in the next week(out of the 240) then i am gonna try to get all the parts i think i need first. an i am gonna take the front suspension out an put in a strait axle. i think...........

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