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  1. G FORCE

    '77 620 KC Project

    Glad you got your 521 though the process successfully! I'm hoping mine goes as smoothly! datzenmike, Thanks for the information, Sir! It absolutely makes sense there wouldn't be a consistent VIN location until the standardization and I have nowlearned something new and can pass that information on to them. I'll also be sure to take the pictures of the 4 that I have since the engine is long gone.
  2. G FORCE

    '77 620 KC Project

    Hey everyone! My name is Gabe and I live in Albuquerque. I've been a long time lurker with a few posts here and there but I finally decided it's time to start a thread for my newly reinvigorated project. I picked up my '77 KC up, goodness, 15 years or so ago now. I used to drive by to our family's property in the mountains and I would always see it sitting in the front field of someone's property. At that time, I had owned a '79 that my father and I had fixed up for me to drive in high school. Sadly I got hit by a run-away horse trailer (what are the chances??) and my favorite little rig was beyond salvation. Soon after, I picked up a '74 and enjoyed that for some time before letting it go to a new owner. As you can imagine, once I saw this KC rotting away it immediately ignited my long adoration for these trucks and I had to have it. $100 later I had it on a trailer and hauled it to my grandfather's backyard where it sat for 10 more years as life events happen. He passed away and it then migrated to my aunt's backyard while I was up in Washington 2 years ago. Thank goodness for family and their willingness to help out. I recently returned to New Mexico and plan to stay for the foreseeable future so figured it's time to get the ball rolling on this guy, which brings me to my first initiative: titling it... The lady I purchased the vehicle from did not have a title for it since it was her father's truck and he had passed away long ago. I did get a bill of sale but that has long since vanished so I'm left with the arduous process of applying for a bonded title. I've gone to the DMV and I have the necessary form. I still need to get a surety bond and a VIN inspection, which brings me to a question that you all might be able to answer. Upon speaking with the state stolen vehicle department (it's not stolen, I've had the VIN checked already) they informed me that it should have a VIN tag on the dash. From my research on here, it appears there are only 3 VIN locations: door jam, engine bay and frame. I have checked all these and they all match and are intact. I just want to confirm that there shouldn't be a dash tag so I can properly educate them when they come to do the inspection. Is my information correct? That's all for now but I will update this thread as progress continues, albeit rather slowly I'm sure. Thanks in advance for the help and advice as I try to bring this awesome rig to proper glory!
  3. G FORCE

    Swiss, our '77 620 king cab

    Nice acquisition! Welcome.
  4. G FORCE

    just got me a chopped 620

    Looks great! Nice paint job. The low roof does make me claustrophobic just looking at it though >.< As cool as it is I could never drive one.
  5. G FORCE

    620 ute dirtbike hauler

    Looks great! What kind of bikes do you ride?
  6. I'm sorry to hear about your truck. My father's truck of similar year was stolen and they got in through the slider window. Trucks are really easy to steal. Luckily I saw the ahole driving it and chased him down and got it back. Good luck and I'll cross my fingers for you.
  7. G FORCE

    Thailand V8 Datsun 620 Build

    Great project and amazing work and imagination! Subscribed.
  8. G FORCE


    Great work!
  9. G FORCE

    Why are Datsun owners cheap bastards

    Coming from the 620, I think what makes some of the truck guys "cheap" is the possibility of sourcing so many parts from other vehicles and from junkyard scavenging. Another fact of us being cheap is because we can. Hardly anybody races their truck, puts out tons of power, or seriously shows their truck from what I've seen. We just enjoy them, so we can get away with being cheap. I've had many different types of projects, all with large budgets, but there is something about datsun frugality that appeals to me! 8)
  10. G FORCE

    Introducing Myself

    Good starting point and sounds like you have your bases covered! Welcome!
  11. G FORCE

    Project 620 Revival

    Nice father/son project. Keep us updated.
  12. G FORCE

    Holley Double Barrel Carb

    Good info. Seems like it would be a decent carb and upgrade from a stock single barrel. Should I put it on ebay or do you think anyone would want it on here?
  13. G FORCE

    Holley Double Barrel Carb

    Ok thanks for the info on it.
  14. I've got a Holley double barrel carb with adapter plate that came of an L18. I have no use for this on my future swap but I'm not sure what it is worth and I can't find any prior for sale threads on this carb. If anyone can tell me what is a fair price for it I would appreciate it. Thanks! Gabe
  15. G FORCE

    Project "Daily Driver" 76 KingCab

    Look great! Makes me want to get going on my KC.

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