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  1. Looks like a great find and you're off to a great start! Congrats on the purchase.
  2. G FORCE

    '77 620 KC Project

    That's a great point! '83 and older apparently.
  3. G FORCE

    '77 620 KC Project

    Yeah, ABQ and their hassles and damned emissions get me every time it seems. Interesting on the dash tags, KELMO. Must be a a 620 thing with the no dash tag. Thanks for the well wishes, guys. I started to check out MVDExpress. They were confident they could get the entire process done but it was gonna cost me $430. That was a bit more than I was wanting to spend but I was going to sacrifice the wallet for the convenience in this convoluted process. Good thing I read the fine print on the contract because MVDExpress can only do "level 2" inspections and if it does NOT have a dash ta
  4. Awesome! Looking forward to the progress.
  5. G FORCE

    '77 620 KC Project

    Glad you got your 521 though the process successfully! I'm hoping mine goes as smoothly! datzenmike, Thanks for the information, Sir! It absolutely makes sense there wouldn't be a consistent VIN location until the standardization and I have nowlearned something new and can pass that information on to them. I'll also be sure to take the pictures of the 4 that I have since the engine is long gone.
  6. G FORCE

    '77 620 KC Project

    Hey everyone! My name is Gabe and I live in Albuquerque. I've been a long time lurker with a few posts here and there but I finally decided it's time to start a thread for my newly reinvigorated project. I picked up my '77 KC up, goodness, 15 years or so ago now. I used to drive by to our family's property in the mountains and I would always see it sitting in the front field of someone's property. At that time, I had owned a '79 that my father and I had fixed up for me to drive in high school. Sadly I got hit by a run-away horse trailer (what are the chances??) and my favorite little rig was b
  7. Looks great! Nice paint job. The low roof does make me claustrophobic just looking at it though >.< As cool as it is I could never drive one.
  8. Looks great! What kind of bikes do you ride?
  9. I'm sorry to hear about your truck. My father's truck of similar year was stolen and they got in through the slider window. Trucks are really easy to steal. Luckily I saw the ahole driving it and chased him down and got it back. Good luck and I'll cross my fingers for you.
  10. Great project and amazing work and imagination! Subscribed.
  11. Coming from the 620, I think what makes some of the truck guys "cheap" is the possibility of sourcing so many parts from other vehicles and from junkyard scavenging. Another fact of us being cheap is because we can. Hardly anybody races their truck, puts out tons of power, or seriously shows their truck from what I've seen. We just enjoy them, so we can get away with being cheap. I've had many different types of projects, all with large budgets, but there is something about datsun frugality that appeals to me! 8)
  12. Good starting point and sounds like you have your bases covered! Welcome!
  13. Nice father/son project. Keep us updated.
  14. Good info. Seems like it would be a decent carb and upgrade from a stock single barrel. Should I put it on ebay or do you think anyone would want it on here?
  15. I've got a Holley double barrel carb with adapter plate that came of an L18. I have no use for this on my future swap but I'm not sure what it is worth and I can't find any prior for sale threads on this carb. If anyone can tell me what is a fair price for it I would appreciate it. Thanks! Gabe
  16. Look great! Makes me want to get going on my KC.
  17. If I had another std. cab again I would stick with the bench seat. I'm 5'10" and all the buckets I have tried (prelude, eclipse, del sol) still make it a bit too uncomfortable IMO. I don't see how you taller drivers even fit in the damn thing. I guess I'm just a bit claustrophobic when it comes to driving. :confused: Anyway, the Del Sol seats fit the best out of the group I tried with the Prelude seats (92-96) a close 2nd. You should be able to find Prelude seats and any junk yard or pull-apart for < $50.
  18. Put a turbo on it, that will warm things up. ;)
  19. At least the spirit of it will live on in your KC! Glad you are ok.
  20. pwn3d! That's what I get for listening to the girlfriend. I did see a quick flash of it but that's what I get for assuming. Shame on me!! :eek:
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