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Steering Wheel

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It would depend on how the 620 wheel "clocks" it's turn signals. Z car steering wheels are direct, bolt on replacements for 510 steering wheels, however the signal clocking is out by 90 degrees. You can move the pins to get the correct clocking though.

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who needs turn signal cancelation? I don't have it in my 510, it's kinda fun sometimes...drive three blocks and continue signaling the whole way...why make the effort to signal twice?


Motorcycles (most, my old RZ did) don't have them, and they don't have loud ass flashers to remind you.

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I put an '80?? Z wheel on my stock 620 column. The posts that work the signal cancel weren't long, enough so I cut some nails and pushed them into the (roll pins?) whatever, and it was fine. There was a slight gap. When I installed my present 720 column, it fit and worked perfectly!!



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basically all the older Datsuns (about 1984, older) are the same large spline connection and should interchange.


Then in 1983/84 Nissan started going with a smaller diameter column. I wanted to put a 300ZX steering wheel on a 620 but it wouldn't just bolt on. Probably not worth the effort. So I bolted it onto my Pulsar. Easy 10 horsepower upgrade!

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