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79 620 King Cab Deluxe(?) stock Jack & Tool locations?

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I've got a pretty complete stock 79 620 King Cab I guessing must be a Deluxe trim package, because the stock door panels I just bought don't go all the way up to the glass like the originals.


Here's what I'm trying to figure out...I've got the Nissan tool bag & tools, orig red jack(?) with vinyl cover, and spare tire rod (red) with vinyl cover, and red crank handle inside the tool bag. There is one mount on the floor behind the driver's seat that looks like it is missing a rubber strap or band of some kind to secure either the jack or toos.? The squatty red jack doesn't seen to fit in it right or I'm not putting it in right. I recently was perusing the local pick & pull trying to figure it out, but all I could find were some standard cabs and they seem different yet.


Does anyone have or could take pics of how these items were stow in this model? There are no hooks on the inside back of the cab like in the standard cab for the rod. One guy told me he thought the spare tire rod stows inside the driver's door along side the seat. But with the cover on it, it won't slide thru the frame, and then there are the plastic seat rail covers to contend with.


Would appreciate your time and pics!

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The rod is in a vinyl sleeve that u just lay behind the seats. The KC has the back int. panel & doesnt have the clips mounted like the reg cabs. The jack has a clip that holds iot to the floor behind the driver seat in the corner. The tool bag just rests in the back too. The reg. cabs had a little strap behind the pass. seat on the floor that held the tool bag but ive never seen 1 in a KC.

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It's not really a clip but a rubber ring that is attached to the front seat mount rail. I'm pretty sure I saw it in the owners manual or the factory service manual, It goes between the seats on the driver side of the tunnel. This is on a '79 kc.

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The clip for the jack is spring loaded.


Get another pic of the seat rail closer to the transmission tunnel. It should have a couple more holes that allow for the keeper of the spare tire rod.

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How is the jack secured in its mounting bracket?


First you slide the base into the V bracket, but then on the other end, does it snap into that hinged sheet metal form "clasp?"  


Mine will not snap in.  The bend of the form that would catch the jack base is too low. 


I would put money on this sheet metal clasp being mangled by the previous owner(s.)




I've never seen an OE jack nor how it is secured in the mounting bracket - so I'm guessing.

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Thanks for the pics!



Yep, looks like my "snappy part" was "hammered flat."


Is it more of a wedge or a snap fit?  (I'll have to reform the tin "clasp.")



NOTE:  I was amazed how heavy that jack is - it's a real beast compared to the old stamped Chevy ones.


NOTE2:  I also saw in my FSM that there was a scissors jack too.  Never saw a pic of one anywhere on the internet.  I wonder if that was just instruction how to use one instead?

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