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  1. Time Left: 10 days and 10 hours

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    Datsun 620 Pick Up OEM Windshield Light tint, no stripe asking $ 85 So. Cal


    Oceanside, California - US

  2. Love it! A true datsun repurposer. lol Is your dog's house a king cab with a window he can see out?
  3. I have one if jkelm24 doesn't.
  4. If you read the Nissan factory service manual it says calls for some points to need sealant. I had a friend with a 620 who had a new Precision brand seal with the same prob. With the help of a glass professional they R&R’d the windshield 6-7 times trying to get the seal to fit w/o sealant. They were scraping rust, painting, bending metal, etc. They never got it to seal. I informed them about the service manual note. They sealed it, no prob. They surmised the cab may have been a bit tweeked from a PO fender bender. Hope this helps?
  5. Sorry. I didn't specify the one Rock Auto has is for a standard cab. Looks like they have run out of seals for King Cab. So has Precision seal. The original Datsun part number for a king cab is 79716-B9300 if it helps your search. Good luck.
  6. I've got a radiator if you still haven't found one.
  7. Where are you located? Some sellers don’t want to ship something that big and fragile.
  8. If ever you come to Sante Fe Springs stop in was 5 miles from home base .

  9. Did you get rims  ? I may have a couple  for you.

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