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  1. I have a couple 2 piece drive shafts i picked up in a pile of parts. One is supposed to be 620mlong/short? the other could be 620, 521, or 320? Does anyone have the lengths of the drive shafts, or a way to ID them? Are the spline counts specific to the diff models?
  2. I have a 320 grill and a front bumper if you’re still looking
  3. I have (No Co San Diego) a steering column w box i got loose in a big bunch of parts i believe it is 520/521. If you’re interested msg me your ph # or email and i can send pics see if it will match yours.
  4. I have some in San Diego. . Message me if interested.
  5. they are dust boots to prevent water and dust from rusting the clips in place. They aren’t that critical. Measure your earlier ones and get the closest to it. Then silicone gaps in place. There are no moving parts, nobody will ever see them.
  6. Datsun 320 Trailer - excellent patina Light weight, easy to maneuver hitched or unhitched Looks good behind any Dat, good for car meets, swap meets, antique hunting, band equip, or tail gating. All Lights work, permanent registration & lic plate So. California https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/pts/d/carlsbad-datsun-trailer/7369763707.html
  7. If they are like the 620’s you may be-able to disassemle, clean, and regrease them?
  8. I bought Energy Suspension aftermatkets, polyurethane, lifetime warranty. Sorry i don’t have the box or part #. Measure your old ones, or the shafts and email them. that’s what i did.
  9. I have one if he doesn’t,but i I’m in San Diego and don’t know if mine is 520 or 320. Got a pic of it?
  10. Datsun 620 Parts - asking $25 each Wheel chocks, relay, pair of hood hinges, pair of hood hinge brackets, horn bar, pair ofbarm rests, pair of visors, AM/FM cassette radio, vinyl tool bag, hydraulic jack vinyl cover, turn signal switch https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/pts/d/carlsbad-datsun-620-parts/7206861177.html
  11. Datsun 620 Bucket Seats with Rails $35/ pair https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/pts/d/carlsbad-datsun-620-bucket-seats-frame/7206999765.html
  12. 350 Z High Back Bucket Seats $75 / pair https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/pts/d/carlsbad-datsun-bucket-seats-high-back/7207005249.html
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