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  1. Seeker > 620 KC

    1979 620 build in Utah

    Glad to help. Stay cool
  2. Seeker > 620 KC

    1979 620 build in Utah

  3. Seeker > 620 KC

    1979 620 build in Utah

    Hopefully someday , dream, hope, wish, someone will reproduce those seals that accept the trim. Are you putting the AC back in?
  4. Seeker > 620 KC

    1979 620 build in Utah

    Is the ft windshield seal plain or accept the stainless trim? I also have a 79 with orig glass, but pitted and light scratches. Don’t want to replace it till I have to.
  5. Seeker > 620 KC

    1979 620 build in Utah

    Did you remove the windshield when you painted?
  6. Seeker > 620 KC

    What have you done to your 1200 lately

    Datsunfreak, that is awesome news. You’re my new hero! I have too many blues to match. what color were they before you sprayed them with dye?
  7. Seeker > 620 KC

    Shifter bushings.....

    The pivot pin, plastic bushings, and e-clips are still available thru Nissan , but you might have to partner with someone because they sell e-clips in packs of 10; and bushings in 5 packs, when the vehicle only requires 1 e-clip, and 2 bushings . Go figure, eh?
  8. Seeker > 620 KC

    What have you done to your 1200 lately

    What year vehicle and model vehicles are those seats out of??? The color would exactly match my blue 79 620 !
  9. Seeker > 620 KC

    Possible warning chime🤷‍♂️

    1986 720 manual pp EL 88 Meters Gauges & Warning Systems pp EL 105 Location of Electrical Units uh, er... my bad Mike, harried posting... 1980 200sx manual pp EL 72. Meters Gauges, & warning systems
  10. Seeker > 620 KC

    Possible warning chime🤷‍♂️

    Now that I look again it says Nissan (not Datsun) Truck 1986 Service Manual by Nissan, not the mid year edition.
  11. Seeker > 620 KC

    Possible warning chime🤷‍♂️

    Failed again. Sorry
  12. Seeker > 620 KC

    Possible warning chime🤷‍♂️

    https://imgur.com/a/nxPrGsS Thought I had the image code... appears not. Sorry.
  13. Seeker > 620 KC

    Possible warning chime🤷‍♂️

    I looked it up in a 86 720 Datsun Sevice Manual and took some pics from the pages. Can’t get them to upload to imgur from my iPad. Will try tomorrow afternoon. The 86 looks like the chime is only associated with rhe door switches, and possibly the ignition. The wiring diagram is much simpler than my SX. In the mean time the 86 manual says the warning chime for the 86 is on the back of the dash as an IC integrated circuit board. It could be a separate device for an earlier model 720 similar to my 80 SX, but I don’t have an earlier 720 manual. Maybe PM AZ Charlie, he’s a 720 guy. But it it looks like there is a component plug to disconnect it if you want. There is a diode built into the door switch that might be bad causing it to malfunction. Looks like the door switch and diode are one unit. One of the pages I photo’d shows how to test it. For trouble shooting my Earlier SX manual says to clean the wire connections, grounds, and mounting screws for the door switches. Could not find a trouble shooting section or the warning chime in the 720 manual. if you want to provide your email or ph # I could email or text the photos to you easier & quicker than tomorrow. Seeker
  14. Seeker > 620 KC

    Possible warning chime🤷‍♂️

    I have that on my 80 200 SX. It works right, but it drove me crazy and I disconnected it. I think it came on if my seatbelt wasn't connected, if the door was ajar, and if the lights were left on after I removed the key. Mine is up under the dash on the right side. The cover is on the car and most of the dash is currently out. I'll look in the manual tonight and see what all triggers it and if I can find a pic of it. But yours sounds really ill by comparison.
  15. Seeker > 620 KC

    My '79 620 in Jersey

    Nice truck. What size rims and tires are those?

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